by David Abravanel

8 Twitch-streaming producers
you should be following

Look inside sessions, get lost in epic DJ sets, play music trivia,
or just watch someone sample Animal Crossing

Do you prefer making music alone in your bedroom, or socially with others? Why not both? With the growth of streaming platforms like Twitch, it’s easier than ever to perform, DJ, or just interact with people around the world in real time. Whether from a studio, a bedroom, or a DJ booth, the streamers profiled here have pioneered a platform that originally catered strictly to game streamers as a space for music-makers and lovers. Check out these channels and get inspired – and check back soon for our guide to getting your own Twitch stream up and running.

Kenny Beats

Known for his production and songwriting for the likes of Vince Staples, Freddie Gibbs, and Gucci Mane, Kenny Beats regularly goes live from his studio for hours at a time. Whether he’s premiering exclusive beats, sharing his opinions on music software, or even watching music videos, Beats brings the laid-back vibe of a late-night bull session.

Check out Kenny Beats’ channel


With a cyberpunk aesthetic, studio stocked with modular gear and software, and multiple camera angles, HANA’s twitch channel is a masterclass in music Twitch streaming. In fact, HANA’s album HANADRIEL was created entirely in a process documented in a Twitch series. Lately content has diversified to include home pickling and bathing her dog – even cyberpunk superheroes have regular lives.

Check out HANA’s channel


A versatile beatmaker and popular soundpack designer, Laxcity’s strong online community includes Twitch followers and members of his Discord server, whose beat submissions are regularly reviewed on Twitch. It’s a thrill watching him assemble dense effects collages in FL Studio, too!

Check out Laxcity’s channel


DJ and producer Plastician is here to help – in fact, he’s got a whole session dedicated to explaining how to set up your own DJ Stream. In his own streams, Plastician aims to entertain and engage: check out the “Mastermind” series for DJing mixed with artist trivia.

Check out Plastician’s channel


If you’re missing top techno festivals, look no further than the Twitch channel run by music retailer Beatport for your fix. With big-name talent on the decks and streams often lasting well over five hours, these are streams to leave on for a while. Make a drink, comb your hair, pretend you’re in a VIP lounge. Hey, the couch at home is probably cleaner!

Check out Beatport’s channel

Etc Kid

Ever wanted to be a fly on the while for a whole creative studio process? Etc Kid runs improvisational streams, where everything from chord structure to track names receive input from viewers (track names have even been decided by vote in the past). Great for basking in the artistic process, and getting some inspiration for your own endeavors.

Check out Etc Kid’s channel


Alejandra Ghersi aka Arca has emerged as a dynamic voice in experimental beats over the last decade – and the peek behind the curtain as glorious (and sometimes silly) as you might expect. Whether she’s going through studio sessions of works in progress or commenting on the new Animal Crossing, Alejandra will definitely scratch some of the harder-to-find parts of your brain.

Check out Arca’s channel


Eprom’s densely layered beats might sound seamless, but on his Twitch channel, everything is dissected. Get a look at the Ableton Live sessions and modular jams behind Eprom’s tracks, and get inspired for your own arranging and mixing.

Check out Eprom’s channel

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