How to find a booking agent

Get tips from experts and find out how to get represented at any level.

August 12, 2019 in

Meet some of the leading women in music education

We speak to DJ Rachael, Jane Arnison, Courtney Hawkins and Native Instruments product expert Nadine Raihani about their roles within the field of music education.

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How the women behind Intersessions and shesaid.so build community

Andreea Magdalina and Melina Powell from shesaid.so, and Kathy Suarez from Intersessions talk to Native Instruments about empowering women in the music industry.

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How to build your own community with Soulection

As an integral force behind Californian label Soulection, Julio Galvez a.k.a. The Whooligan shares his advice on how to make a label and community work in the modern world.

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Secrets of electronic interfaces: Expression

Looking at various forms of electronic music interfaces, Native Instruments explores the role of technology when it comes to musical expression.

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An artistic exploration to using field recordings in music

Selffish, bvdub, and Native Instrument each share their unique approach to taking, and using field recordings in their music.

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Everything you wanted to know about Music Publishing and more

A beginner's guide to understanding music publishing, who owns it, and how to claim it.

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Dave Clarke: More human than human

Techno DJ and producer Dave Clarke reflects on the production techniques used in new album 'The Desecration of Desire'.

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Making waves with Suzanne Ciani

Synth and experimental music pioneer Suzanne Ciani talks about her background, approach to performing live and her collaborative work in this in-depth conversation.

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Tout ce que vous vouliez savoir sur l’édition musicale, et plus encore

Un guide du débutant pour comprendre l'édition musicale.

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