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The latest tutorial on using effects and techniques to create the ultimate piano sound.

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How to incorporate MASCHINE into your DJ sets

Add more drums and pads to your DJ sets with the essential beginner's guide to adding MASCHINE to your DJ setup.

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How to make a music video (on a budget)

Creating a unique and eye-catching music video is a great way to promote yourself. Learn how to make a video without a massive budget or big PR backup.

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How to use mixer effects with TRAKTOR

Everything you need to know about TRAKTOR effects.

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How to make your drum programming feel more human

Add more life and feeling to your drums

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Top five amp sim EQ tricks

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How to create EDM synth sounds using KONTAKT 6

A step by step guide on how to build EDM synth sounds using the newly added wavetable engine in KONTAKT 6.

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How to master the art of finger drumming with Tim Kroker

Learn basic finger drumming techniques that will improve your timing and coordination, and turn you into a MASCHINE master.

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How to start a record label

Learn from the experts and find out how to set up your own platform to release music.

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Dissect the preset: FORM – Long Beat

How to turn everyday organic sounds into more complex and random effects with FORM

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