Producers and musicians constantly seek for new inspiration, not knowing what exactly to look out for. Getting stuck in a routine and repeating your standard recipe when cooking up beats can be frustrating and even lead to writer’s block.

Sprinkling in some exotic, unconventional ingredients often works wonders and brings new ideas to your workflow.

Native Instruments sat down and compiled these five unconventional sample packs found on for your next sonic exploration.

Office beats and kitchen percussions

Sometimes even the most everyday sounds can be pure magic in a musical context. Utilizing your environment to create music with it is fun and adds an exciting new sonic spectrum to your productions. A spaghetti spoon forming a rhythm section never sounded more thrilling.

Check out Household Kit by BOOM Library here.

Paranormal electronics

The Electromagnetic Fields sound pack by Glitchedtones delivers a wide range of outer space and disrupted, electronic fields recordings. Categorised into loops, oneshots, and sequences it is the perfect source material to create the next dystopian soundtrack or glitchy sci-fi movie score. Also very well suited for Glitch and IDM explorations. There are also 157 stereo processed Transition FX included, making up a total of 329 sounds to choose from.

Check out Electromagnetic Fields by Glitchedtones here.

Minimalistic glitches and atmospheric sound carpets

One of the more accessible but still outthere sample packs in this list is Asonic’s Geode sample pack, filled with a broad spectrum of sounds for the avid ambient producer. Evolving, dreamy drone sounds and lush textures, pads and melodic sequences, and even minimalistic groove patterns are spread over 260 loops and one shots.

Check out Geode from Asonic here.

Sounds of a city

London City Sounds captures the sound and atmosphere of urban city life perfectly. Embracing spacious tunnel sounds and mechanic tube sounds this sample pack makes a great atmospheric addition to your productions. Burial’s genre defining albums ‘Burial” and ‘Untrue’ are great examples of how incorporating urban field recordings into music can be a whole stylistic approach by itself.

Check out London City Sounds by MDM Sounds here.

Sounds for the advanced glitch composer

Inspired by the legendary electronic music composer Ryoji Ikeda this exclusive collection contains 100 sounds of glitchy and percussive goodness. The sound palette ranges from sine tones, subs, chords and percussions to noise and glitch sounds all recorded as high quality 44.1 kHz, 24 bit WAV.

Check out the exclusive I.K.E.D.A. soundpack by Whitenoise Records here.