Starting with music theory

Jon Sine gives an easy to understand introduction into music production, using chords and harmonies without having prior knowledge in music theory. Beginners will find hands on tips and tricks to acquire and broaden their musical knowledge theoretically and practically.


How to make a beat

Make your first beat with this quick and basic introduction into the world of music production using very limited equipment. Beatnik gives a quick overview of using drum sounds, arranging them and setting up loops in multiple genres including house, hip hop, drum and bass and even dancehall.


Making music in MASCHINE STUDIO

For those with the gear at hand, KsndDEF provides the perfect introductory video on how to get to grips with MASCHINE. By providing an overview, along with a run down of getting to grips with sound selection and beat layering, it’s the ideal first step for getting into production.



 Making Your First Song In Ableton

Never composed a song or beat before? Here’s the solution; a complete walkthrough in producing and composing a song using Ableton’s default plugins and instruments, arranging and chord-programming. Basically all you need as a first time musician.


Editing, EQs, Splicing

Whether you’re a fan of his music or not, Dutch DJ and producer Laidback Luke’s open approach and production short-cuts are essential for first timers. Not only showing how to edit tracks but cutting, and splicing, but also creating mashups with two different tracks.