by Reuben Cornell

How to use u-he’s synths
and effects like a pro

Learn how to use u-he's Diva and Repro to start creating
high-quality sounding, epic and sci-fi synth noises.

Product expert and music journalist Reuben Cornell dives deep into the world of u-he synths, as he outlines all the necessary steps involved in making your own sounds and synth-music, that will get you sounding like a modern-day Vangelis.

Music synthesis is a big part of making music. It’s inspiring, fun, but it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin. Berlin-based company u-he make some of the most innovative software synths and effects in the game, including analog emulations Diva and Repro. u-he is an NKS partner and the plug-ins we demonstrate are all NKS-ready, meaning you can load them via KOMPLETE KONTROL for easy, pre-mapped parameters that can be adjusted with any MIDI controller. Watch our step-by-step guide to find out how we used u-he’s instruments and effects to create an exciting track that pays tribute to early 1980s epic sci-fi soundtracks.

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