To celebrate our biggest ever special offer, we split eight of our – and your – favourite YouTubers into three teams and tasked them with collaborating on a new beat. The catch? They had to use the half-price instruments, effects, and Expansions from our Thanksgiving XXL sale. Of course, with 190 plug-ins on offer, that’s hardly an exercise in restraint – but we were excited to see what they’d come up with all the same. And the results don’t disappoint.

So whether you’re gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving or not, dig into the feast of beat-making videos below, listen to the finished tracks, then head over to Metapop to cast your vote. The winner will be the subject of an upcoming Metapop remix competition, in which we’ll offer you the chance to win some Native gear for yourself.

But first, meet the teams:

Team one: Shakazula and I’m a Music Mogul

Team two: Datsunn, Stefan Guy, and DDS

Team three: Courtney Hawkins, Landmarq, and Sanjay C

Team 1

Team 1’s effort juxtaposes loud and quiet sections within several different movements – all in the space of a two-minute hip hop beat. The making-of video here comes courtesy of I’m a Music Mogul. If you want to check out Shakazula’s work, you’ll find him mostly over on his Instagram page.

Team 2

Check the playlist above for three behind-the-scenes perspectives on Team 2’s dreamy arpeggios and skittering percussion. As a bonus, Stefan Guy offers some helpful insights into sound selection and chord voicing that you can apply to your own R&B productions.

Team 3

In this playlist, Courtney Hawkins and Landmarq’s smooth hip hop is given a cinematic lift by Sanjay C – with a little help from NOIRE, the SYMPHONY SERIES, and INDIA. The result is a head-nodding beat that moves through a range of unexpected and organic textures.

Chosen your favorite?

When you’re ready to cast your vote, head on over to Metapop, and hit your favourite track with a like. Remember, the winner here is the one you’ll get a shot at remixing later this year – so choose wisely!