The winner of our Reaktor Builder Competition is Trevor Gavilan with his Cloudlab 200t ensemble! The runner up is Doron Sadja with the FM Polynator V3 ensemble.

Congratulations to both winners!

Cloudlab 200t V2

Don Buchla built amazing modular synthesizers (you can read how Suzanne Ciani uses them here), unfortunately their price makes them unattainable for many people. Luckily Trevor Gavilan built one in REAKTOR, and it sounds amazing, looks great, and invites you to play and experiment.

Check out Cloudlab 200t V2 here.

Continuum Synth

michael o’hagan has seemingly concocted a wavetable synth on steroids. Lots of steroids. Imagine being able to load up an 8×8 grid with any of 5000 waveforms, and the ability to morph between the waves by moving through the grid. Add a complex modulation system, a ping-pong delay, the option to randomize the waveforms, and a UI that invites you to experiment. What you get is an endless source of weirdness.

Check out Continuum Synth here.

FM Polynator V3

FM Polynator V3 is an FM drum synth that makes it easy to get polyrhythms going, with randomization options, and allows you to cross-modulate all of its four drum voices. Extremely playable, Doron Sadja’s ensemble gives you rhythms and grooves you never would have come up with.

Check FM Polynator V3 here.


Sasha Radojevic’s ensemble is clearly inspired by the EMS VCS3, but that’s not a bad thing. It sounds as good as it looks, and is absolutely gorgeous! This entry definitely scores high on ‘playability’, and is joyful to use in all aspects.

Check PHILTHY here.


Making games by day, and playing with REAKTOR at night is what Adam Fothergill seems to do. The result of which is a crazy frequency shifting delay (with some extra tricks up its sleeve) that sounds great on pretty much everything you feed it.

check uNI-MoO here.

Special mention: Silverwood Tenor Sax

Unfortunately not many people will be able to use this ensemble, because you need a breath controller for it, but we wanted to give Chet Singer’s contribution a special mention anyway as it sounds so good!

Check out Silverwood Tenor Sax here.