Here’s a rundown of five videos offering a toolbox filled with useful tips and insights for everyone interested in music and music production, all courtesy of Andrew Huang.

Home studio essentials

What do you really need to make good music, a question every musician and music producer asks at some point. Particularly beginners often struggle to set their mind on gear they really need to start to make their own music. Here’s a guide on some essentials you should consider.

Must have free music and audio software

Professional digital audio tools don’t have to be expensive, or in this case, have to cost anything at all. This guide features Andrew’s top must-have music tools available for free.

Making music with fireworks

Find out how Andrew Huang created a beautiful generative synth piece out of flashes of firework lightning triggering an audio-visual control software that translates visual impulses into music. Sounds complicated? It is, but still fun to watch and a lot to learn from.

Field recording in Berlin

While visiting Berlin last year, Andrew came by the Native Instruments headquarters and went out on a field recording excursion guided by some trusty staff members. He, later on, uses all the recorded sounds in a variety of productions. Find out how it all came together.

How to master weird meters and rhythms

Three tips and learning tricks on how to master and incorporate unusual time signatures and rhythm syncopations into your music, along with methods to practise at home yourself.