Rupert Taylor inaugurates the Against the Clock video series by constructing an line-point, bass-heavy, house track with the use of MASCHINE, a Juno-60, and Minimoog VST synth. The resultant track, recorded in just ten minutes, is a sleek, well executed slab of club music, and a versatile, throw-back, modern rave anthem.



Shogun Audio drum & bass producer Icicle shows how he crafts his signature soundscapes and beats. Using various tools from the KOMPLETE universe, the Dutch producer manages to synthesize some trademark multi-rhythmic drum & bass within the time given time parameters, highlighting his dexterous approach to sound.



The Berlin based producer from the Thru My Speakers collective, jams out a future-sounding, multi-rhythmic, bass-heavy, garage beat using a MASCHINE, hybrid set-up. To date, it ranks as one of the most viewed videos in the Against The Clock series, and the resultant track can be downloaded for free from here.


Flux Pavilion

UK producer Flux Pavilion uses MASSIVE to create a bass-heavy, dubstep track, with a razor-sharp bassline and soft vocals. Veering towards ‘instrumentation over synthesis,’ the Circus label owner shows off his use of sidechain compression, chord sequencing, and some clever use of vocal techniques.



Back in 2014, one of the first Against the Clock episodes saw lo-fi drum & bass producer Stray, aka. Jonathan Fogel, produce an atmospheric, slow tempo vocal track with MASCHINE at the heart of the everything. Nowadays Fogel can be found making music as part of Ivy Lab, who have been pushing the boundaries of club-orientated bass music on Critical Music.


Sons of Sonix

The production duo may not yet be a household name, but are already credited with writing tracks for the likes of Stormzy, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, and more. In the ten minutes, Mo Samuels and Michael Akinkunmi create a slick melody highlighting why they’re becoming a such an in-demand talent.



Crafting a lead line with the Little Phatty, a distorted drum loop with MASCHINE, and a Minimoog bassline, Hyperdub producer Ikonika gives a ten-minute insight her approach to making alternative, futuristic bass music.