Quick creativity with KOMPLETE KONTROL

Watch ADSR lay down a track with the new KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard: From browsing for sounds, to laying down a beat, to mixing and arranging – all in under ten minutes.



Basic bass with KOMPLETE KONTROL

SubBass Academy tutor Michael L Penman shows you how to build a groovy bass sequence using the KOMPLETE KONTROL arpeggiator.



Find your sounds faster with KOMPLETE KONTROL

Ask.Audio get to grips with the new hardware-based browsing and previewing workflow in KOMPLETE KONTROL.



Get to know Variation Mode with MASCHINE

ADSR explores the humanization and randomization capabilities of MASCHINE, first adding subtle movement to a beat, and then generating fresh melodies at the touch of a button.




Both the KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware now offer comprehensive control of MASCHINE software. But what if you own both? In this video, Producertech demonstrates a powerful two-controller performance workflow.


Arranging and sketching ideas with MASCHINE

Point Blank Instructor Paul Ressel demonstrates some of the quickest ways to bring your ideas to life with the new MASCHINE hardware.



Find out more about the new hardware here.