by Evan James

5 of the best MASCHINE+ videos from our creator community (so far)

Get inspired with Jeia, Shakazula, Loopop, and more as they explore the newest member of the MASCHINE family.

It’s been almost two months since our hotly-anticipated standalone groovebox dropped. Bringing the same hands-on workflow as its wired forebear, MASCHINE+ opens up a whole new world of out-of-the-box possibilities – but how does it hold up in the field?

To answer that question, we’ve collected five of our favorite MASCHINE+ videos from our community of creators on YouTube and Instagram. Check them out below.

Thinking outside the box

Is there anything more satisfying than a long-awaited unboxing video? How about eight of them? Watch as beat maker The Kit Complete peels back the packaging and dives into a spontaneous plug and play jam sesh. Featuring rapid-fire cameos from fellow YouTubers Datsunn, Knock Squared, Sarah the Illstrumentalist, and more, the anticipation is palpable and the enthusiasm infectious – but what’s the final verdict? That giddy grin at the end says it all.

The great outdoors

Bedroom beatmakers: Is isolation cramping your creative drive? Try taking a leaf from Shakazula’s book and leaving the laptop behind for a brief hiatus from your quarantine cavern. In this video, the finger drumming phenom takes MASCHINE+ outdoors to conjure up a euphoric fever dream from the last lazy rays of dying autumn light. Kick back and enjoy this succinctly hazy heap of hypnotic lo-fi beats.

The deepest dive

This one’s for the nerds! Everyone loves a good shootout but few can pull one off with the precision and poise of Loopop, whose encyclopedic knowledge makes for a strikingly comprehensive comparison of MASCHINE+, its wired predecessor, and AKAI’s MPC One. You might be tempted to cherry-pick from the chapter timestamps – but if you’ve got the time (and come on, you know you do!) you owe it to yourself to watch this thing in all of its resplendently nerdy glory.

Six string bling

Ever wondered how you could shred your favorite guitar riffs directly into your sampler? Check out this brisk breakdown from Toronto-based producer Jeia, who shows us four ingenious approaches for loading licks into MASCHINE+. Whether direct, outboard, virtual, or external, this seasoned Strat addict shares her favorite tips for tweaking and chopping those fat, glassy tones on the fly.

In the loop

Wondering how MASCHINE+ handles live looping? Then watch in awe as the magnificently mustachioed Accurate Beats builds an impromptu rhythm out of artfully layered loops. Things start innocently enough, with a simple shaker and a couple festive claps building up to some finger-drumming fire swaddled in samples, scratches, and synths.

MASCHINE+ is out now. Get all the details and order yours here

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