Monark: Monophonic & Meaty

For thick analog bass or soaring vintage leads, MONARK comes custom built to deliver the richness and warmth of the classic synthesizer it was lovingly modelled after – with a few digital enhancements under the hood. The main oscillator can be set to triangle, sawtooth, ramp up, square or pulse waveforms, while two additional oscillators offer the same shapes, along with tuning up to seven semitones above or below the incoming note, allowing for a wide range of fat detuned patches and creative voicing. The intuitive mixer section comes with a dedicated noise oscillator that can be set to pink or white, along with a filter feedback loop and dedicated load for added grit and warmth. A sumptuous filter comes in four modes, with steep resonance and a dedicated envelope, alongside a dedicated envelope in the amp section. Beautifully designed and easy to use, MONARK comes with a host of additional options on the back panel. Being monophonic it can’t play chords – but excels with bass lines, leads, tuned percussion, and more.



Prism: Modal Modelling

Showing off REAKTOR’s unique capabilities with an esoteric combination of powerful synthesis approaches, PRISM merges the organic impact of physical modelling with a unique “Modal” bank of resonant filters. The exciter defines the onset of the sound – imagine how a bell is struck, or a string is plucked – while the modal bank determines the characteristics of the resulting resonance. Along with a suite of in-line effects including the unique 8-pole filter, PRISM also comes with a dedicated FX version, allowing you to process external audio through its unique architecture for truly wild sound design. If PRISM’s default interface seems daunting at first, switching to the B panel provides access to the most crucial settings for simplified editing. From glistening pads and expressive reeds to industrial percussion or vivid keys, PRISM is built to inject fresh color to your projects.



Kontour: Meta-Modulation

Combining phase modulation synthesis and tunable comb-filtering with a powerful modulation system, KONTOUR is perfect for highly customized dynamic timbres. Delivering surprisingly lush, rich tones from a simple pair of sine oscillators, KONTOUR’s unique wave-shaping options, effects, and mix architecture give rise to a deceptively potent array of sounds, from classic keys to ultra-modern pads and effects. Perhaps most significantly, the four dedicated assignable Macro knobs can be controlled by a wealth of LFO shapes; you can even record your own LFO shapes by hand and continue editing them in the unique modulation panel. Five dedicated effects are included to further expand KONTOUR’s already extensive capabilities. If you want to make complex tones and textures without resorting to complicated tools, KONTOUR is cleverly designed to make it happen with ease.