Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira have been making music as Dengue Dengue Dengue since 2010, blending together Peruvian cultural sounds with more eclectic global, club rhythms. This is why their music takes on a language that embodies native genres such as cumbia and chicha, while simultaneously expressing elements as wide and varied as dub, footwork and house.



As part of Tropical Frequencies, Native Instruments’ series of documentaries and discussions showcasing emerging, global sounds, Felipe and Rafael went to the Amazonian city of Iquitos to meet up with the renowned Los Wembler’s de Iquitos – a renowned act that set the template for ‘Cumbia Amazonica’. Together they collaborated on a series of tracks and recordings, utilizing traditional instrumentation with more contemporary technology, including Maschine Studio.


Along the way, with DJ and promoter Alfredo Villar discusses the intricacies that make up Peruvian music, old and new, and how older forms of Peruvian music have had an influence on what is being termed as Global Bass, as he guides us through the streets of Lima, and the watery tropical, metropolis of Iquitos.

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