by Native Instruments

Behind the composing with STRAYLIGHT

Find out how this LA-based producer uses the latest granular synth to make the latest soundtracks scores.

Paul Haslinger began his career as a member of the iconic electronic band, Tangerine Dream. The band’s success took Paul to LA, where he soon made the move into film and television scoring. For nearly 20 years he has composed music for incredibly successful movies, TV shows, and games, including Minority Report, Fear, The Walking Dead, and Rainbow Six: Siege.

He was recently a consultant during the creation of STRAYLIGHT, a granular instrument for playing cinematic soundscapes, transitions, and ambient tones in real-time. Primarily designed to deal with everything from post-apocalyptic sci-fi to gritty thrillers, it now features on all of his current projects, be they scoring or conventional music writing.

Watch as he explains his approach to scoring, and how STRAYLIGHT compliments this approach, allowing him to perform granular synthesis in real-time, in a way no other instrument can.

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