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5 free Kontakt Player libraries to spark your creativity

free KONTAKT Player libraries

If you’re looking to add some fresh inspiration to your tracks, then look no further than these five free Kontakt Player libraries. Each of these instruments offers a unique timbre and texture that can help spark your creativity and add some new flavors to your music. From infinite vocals and rhythmic loops to soft piano samples, these instruments are ready to bring a new dimension to your tracks.

And the best part? They’re all free to download and use with the Kontakt Player, so you can start using them in your tracks right away. Let’s dive in!

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1. Soniccouture Tape Choir

Soniccouture Tape Choir

Soniccouture Tape Choir is a free Kontakt Player instrument that offers a classic multi-layered “infinite” vocal pad sound that can add a lot of depth to your music productions. This instrument is based on the “infinite choir” recording technique of having three male vocalists singing the same note in unison and holding it as long as they are able to before combining them into a single audio file per key.

Tape Choir also comes with tape emulation, a multimode filter, an ADSR envelope, and an extensive selection of convolution reverb types enabling shaping of the ‘choir.’ With its organic sound and unique character, Soniccouture Tape Choir is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of nostalgia and texture to their music.


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2. ProjectSAM’s The Free Orchestra

ProjectSAM’s The Free Orchestra

ProjectSAM’s The Free Orchestra is a comprehensive orchestral library that offers a wide range of instruments and sounds for free. This instrument includes everything from strings and brass to percussion and woodwinds, and features a built-in mixer and effects section, allowing you to customize the sound to fit your needs. You have heard these sounds in thousands of triple-A orchestral scores before, as these samples are regularly used by top composers. The samples come from ProjectSAM’s orchestral Symphobia series and their percussion library, True Strike 1.

With its rich and realistic sounds, The Free Orchestra is perfect for creating epic film scores, classical compositions, and much more.


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3. Embertone Arcane

Embertone Arcane

Embertone Arcane is an impressive free KONTAKT Player instrument that specializes in creating dark and mysterious soundscapes with a twist. Load up the main Kontakt patch and begin by entering your name and lighting the two candles. Then you’ll need to solve the clues to explore Arcane’s deeper secrets!

This instrument features a range of sounds, including drones, pads, and atmospheres, that can help you create tense and atmospheric compositions. Whether you’re working on a horror movie soundtrack or just want to add some depth and tension to your music productions, Arcane has everything you need to create haunting and otherworldly sounds.


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4. Heavyocity Foundations Piano

Heavyocity Foundations Piano

Heavyocity Foundations Piano is a free KONTAKT Player instrument that offers a unique take on the traditional piano sound. This lush instrument features a range of sound design elements, including reverses, FX, and rhythmic loops, that can help you create exciting and dynamic piano tracks. The piano sound is sampled from a grand piano with a soft timbre.

You can even automate, offset, and randomize the instrument to create various arpeggiations and oscillations. Not your ordinary sampled piano, Heavyocity Foundations Piano is a great choice for anyone looking to expand their sonic palette and explore new musical territory.


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5. Play Series Selection from KOMPLETE START

Play Series Selection from KOMPLETE START

The Play Series is a selection of virtual instruments that is part of the KOMPLETE START bundle. It includes a range of instruments, such as analog synths, sampled instruments, and effects, all designed to be easy to use and intuitive for music producers and beginners alike. The powerful hybrid instruments in the Play Series include ANALOG DREAMS, HYBRID KEYS, and ETHEREAL EARTH.

HYBRID KEYS is a distinctive keyboard-based instrument drawn from pianos, organs, harpsichords and more. You can create your own sound by blending different elements and adjusting unique controls, such as reverb, distortion, and lo-fi vibes.



Start using free KONTAKT PLAYER libraries

If you’re a music producer looking for new and exciting sounds to add to your productions, these five free KONTAKT Player libraries are an excellent place to start. From the epic vocals of Soniccouture Tape Choir to the orchestral majesty of ProjectSAM’s The Free Orchestra, these instruments offer a unique and inspiring sound that can help you unlock new musical possibilities. And with Embertone’s Arcane and Heavyocity Foundations Piano, you can create dark and mysterious soundscapes or add cutting-edge sound design elements to your piano tracks.

Looking for even more free tools? Get KOMPLETE START today, a free production suite with over 2,000 studio-quality sounds for free – and check out our list of free VST plugins.


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