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From MC to producer: Flowdan on the making of ‘Welcome to SpentShell’

Watch grime producer Flowdan discuss his trajectory from MC to producer
from his London based studio.

In the run up to Native Sessions in London, Native Instruments caught up with grime legend Flowdan in his Archway studio to discuss the journey from MC to producer, why he started the imprint SpentShell, and how he uses MASCHINE to create his trademark sound.

Flowdan is one of grime’s most revered figures and one of the scene’s prominent MCs, taking his place alongside the likes of Wiley and DJ Target as part of the Roll Deep crew. With an established body of work featuring producers and vocalists The Bug, Slew Dem, and Killa P, and more, many associate Flowdan as an artist in front of the microphone. With his newest venture, the SpentShell label, Flowdan has transitioned from MC to producer for artists PK and GHSTLY XXVII, showing a vibrant new side to his artistry.

Once he began using MASCHINE at the heart of his production process, Flowdan started to get his beats down quickly, turning his inspiration into a tangible combination of grimy bass sounds with heavy hitting drums. He has since contributed to the Native Expansion pack LONDON GRIT and will demonstrate how he arranges his sounds at the London iteration of Native Sessions: Bars.

Native Instruments spent the day in the studio with Flowdan, PK, and GHSTLY XXVII and got an insight into their collaborative production flow. Throughout the session Flowdan speaks of the importance of harnessing moments of creativity and creating new and different sounds.

London MCs PK and GHSTLY XXVII have been inspired by grime since its first iteration, and are now able to put their own stamp on the genres landscape after being mentored by the East London grime veteran, performing over his instrumentals.

video production: Dan Burdett

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