Touching on every angle of our new flagship’s super flexible architecture, this expert educator’s clear and concise walkthroughs are sure to provide inspirational starting points for your own sound design adventures.

Lush Evolving Pads (Simple)

Discover the “quick and dirty” way to make an epic evolving pad sound, calling on nothing more than a single wavetable oscillator, the sumptuous Wanderlust reverb algorithm, and an LFO for modulation of wavetable position.

Lush Pads (Advanced)

Stepping things up several gears, learn how to deploy both of MASSIVE X’s wavetable oscillators, an extra Insert oscillator, a noise generator, the Blue Monark filter, various modulation sources (including the revamped Performer and Voice Randomizer) and effects as the basis for a more involved shifting pad sound.

7 Oscillator Pluck

At first glance, MASSIVE X might appear to be a two-oscillator synth, but by exploiting its three Insert FX slots and a pair of cunningly routed audio-rate LFOs, a whopping seven oscillators are in fact available for the creation of dense stacked sounds. See how it’s done through the creation of a complex pluck patch.

Pan Flute

Design a classic pan flute patch to scratch that chillout-itch using MASSIVE X’s Comb Filter, Exciter Envelope, LFO Rise control, Stereo Delay and EQ effects, and Unison detune.FYI

Clean Guitar Tone

Conjure up a thoroughly convincing guitar sound in MASSIVE X without an oscillator in sight, by ‘playing’ the Comb Filter with the unique Exciter Envelope and blending in some noise.


You can sign up for Rishabh’s MASSIVE X course over at MacPro Video here, and check out his YouTube channel here.