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Listen to a discussion on electro
featuring Ectomorph

Electro-loyalists Ectomorph, Detroit DJ Magda, and Berlin producer
Jay Ahern share insights on electro old and new

Our new Expansion District Xeo celebrates the raw sound of underground electro – capturing its past, present, and future incarnations. It’s a genre that’s been through several revivals, with each new wave offering fresh ideas, while remaining true to its original urgency. Listen to our podcast exploring electro with experienced voices in electronic music.


Check out the demos and download the District Xeo Expansion now.

Detroit and Berlin are two cities tied by one thing: a deep connection to electronic music. To dive further into the important and ever-evolving genre of electro, we brought together musical minds from both cities for a fascinating conversation, recorded at the Native Instruments headquarters in Berlin.

Moderated by Detroit-based techno DJ Magda, she introduces the electro-stalwarts Ectomorph. Occupying a unique place within Detroit techno history, Ectomorph were founded in 1994 as an inspired reaction to DBX, Basic Channel, Rob Hood, Sähkö, and Drexciya. Now comprised of BMG and Erika, they recently released their new album Stalker on Interdimensional Transmissions.

Also joining the conversation is Berlin-based producer Jay Ahern. He leads up the team at IRRUPT – the Berlin sound design studio we collaborated with to bring you District Xeo.

Why does electro occupy such an important place in electronic music? Listen to the full podcast below to hear what they have to say. You can also listen to the RA Ectomorph podcast here.

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