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Meet the stars of Creator Base ’19

We invited some of the world’s best music tech YouTubers and personalities to Berlin for a week of music making activities.

To celebrate ten years of MASCHINE, we’re bringing together some of our favorite YouTubers for Creator Base – the ultimate music-making get together. Fifteen creators will descend on our home city of Berlin for five days of collaboration, adventures, and music-making antics. Read on to find out which famed YouTube music creators we’ve invited to Berlin, and find out how you can follow along with their activities throughout the week.


As we celebrate ten years of artistry and inventiveness with MASCHINE, we’ve taken a look back at some of the stories involving our most prestigious users, some of today’s top talents, as well as peering forward towards tomorrow’s future online stars. This community of vloggers and beatmakers is awash with ingenious and captivating characters from across the world, who regularly post their music-making sessions, jams, and tutorials online. To honor the work they’ve achieved, and the videos they’ve created, we decided to invite the cream-of-the-crop to Berlin to engage in a week-long gala of production festivities.

Amongst those who’ll be roaming the streets of Berlin (in addition to our offices), are those who you may already be familiar with, in addition to a few new faces you won’t be. Amongst the creative ensemble is US-based YouTuber, and proficient sampler of the vinyl-variety Sarah, The !llstrumentalist, a.k.a. Sarah2ill, whom you may already know from her idiosyncratic production break-downs, and sample packs. Also amongst the mix is cult producer, Game-of-Thrones-theme emulator, and all-round charismatic guy Pat Ryan. Sweden’s sampler extraordinaire Accurate Beats will also be joining the pack, along with DATSUNN (formerly known as Soul Brother Stef), Sanjay CCourtney HawkinsSaint Joe, Bo Beats, ShakazulaStefan GuyMarques KincaidLoopopI’m a music mogul, and DDS. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these names, then watch our introductory video with the cast and crew below:

Music is about community and collaboration, and Creator Base is an opportunity for our most beloved, and ambitious online experts to get together — most of them for the first time ever — to share and learn from one another. Throughout the week our team of creative moguls will be set loose upon the streets of Berlin, visiting some of the city’s most treasured landmarks, while collaborating with Native’s core team of engineers and developers. We’ll be on hand to document the week’s activities. To stay up to date with everything that’s happening follow our Instagram account here. You can also follow the hashtag: #CreatorBase19 on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook to stay.There will also be select one-off performances throughout the week, which we will be filming and hosting on the blog in the forthcoming weeks, so check back to see them in all their glory.

For fans of the likes of Courtney Hawkins, Pat Ryan, Bo Beats and the rest, this is an opportunity for you to be able to catch up and see what happens when these leading authorities in vlogging and production get together. Stay tuned for more beat making, sampling, video diaries, performances, track breakdowns, tutorials, interviews, and news about the future of MASCHINE, during our first-ever Creator Base.

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