by Native Instruments

No MASCHINE hardware? Here’s how to use its sounds, kits, and Expansions in any DAW

Sanjay C shows you the easiest way to slot MASCHINE sounds into your existing workflow.

If you ask us, MASCHINE hardware is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to get a groove going. But one-size doesn’t fit all, of course, and everyone has their own preferred way of doing things. So for those who love the sound of MASCHINE but don’t want to go back to basics with their beat-making workflow, YouTuber Sanjay C has the perfect solution. Check out the video above to see how seamlessly you can make use of MASCHINE samples, full kits, and even genre-specific Expansions using whichever sampler you like – this method is ideal for BATTERY, Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio, and even MPC hardware.

And don’t forget to follow Sanjay and check out the rest of the tips on his channel.

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