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Add immersive 3D visuals to your
TRAKTOR sets with Volta XR

TRAKTOR now includes support for the emerging platform,
which boasts support from Maceo Plex, Blessed Madonna, and more.

High quality, immersive live 3D visuals are now at the fingertips of any Traktor user with Volta XR. With a standard-spec computer and zero prior experience, anyone can now make audio-reactive, mixed-reality live video to accompany their Traktor sets – and it’s totally free.

DJing is often a practice of presenting music that sounds like it’s from the future, or from the further reaches of our imagination. Musicians have often struggled to afford a visual accompaniment that matches such a lofty goal. Sure, with enough budget anything’s possible, but what is available to independent artists looking to create immersive experiences? Emerging, mid-tier and underground artists are working their way through recovering from years of lockdowns and fragile event planning. Simultaneously, fans and concertgoers have increasingly higher expectations of the live experience.

UK-based startup Volta XR offers a simple, user friendly set of tools for live “mixed-reality” motion graphics. Born in a moment of pandemic-focused clarity, Volta XR was created to give emerging artists access to scalable, versatile VR technology for performances. Audiences are accustomed to audio-reactive evolving visual accompaniments for large scale events, but Volta XR offers these kinds of visuals for everyone from established acts down to entry level hobbyists. With it’s turnkey connection to Traktor and free user license, this becomes a serious option for anyone looking to create a multidimensional audio-visual performance.

Volta XR users can use existing building blocks in the app to build elements and worlds which respond to a host of inputs. Behaviors of the elements in a world can be controlled by purely audio data, affected by parameters such as gain and frequencies, as well as receive MIDI control data direct from Traktor.  Volta’s MIDI learn mode instantly picks up control data to be assigned to any parameter. This means that without any background in motion graphics, a performer can be simultaneously controlling their DJ software and custom live visuals within minutes. Since Volta does not require a gaming engine – any standard spec computer can run both Volta XR and Traktor in concert.

While 3D visuals can be impressive, Volta steps beyond them by offering an entry into mixed reality – the ability to combine augmented reality and virtual reality with layered 3D graphics in real time. In practice this means that a camera becomes a source for live real time elements in a performer’s XR world. Beyond even this, the latest version of Volta XR allows users to turn 2D inputs into 3D elements. Photographs, texture maps, vector graphics all become layers in a dynamically shifting real-time environment that blurs what is virtual and what is real. Once these are combined with the responsive controls of audio reactivity and MIDI parameter control, and native support for Traktor the possibilities grow exponentially.

With artists as big as Maceo Plex, Imogen Heap and Blessed Madonna performing in front of Volta XR visuals, and backing from names like Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin, it’s not just emerging artists who are seeing the potential of Volta XR for DJ sets. Combined with the power of Traktor, and free download with no hidden costs, the doors are open to a new version of reality.


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