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Why upgrade to Fables? Here’s what’s new

Fables cinematic library

Building off of the legacy of Lores, Fables is the new cinematic library that brings lush, organic acoustic instruments to your productions with enhanced ensembles, articulations, and controls. Whether you’re a professional media composer or a music producer looking to add movement and mysticism to your music, take a look at what’s new in Fables to add truly magical soundscapes to your productions.
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Why upgrade to Fables? Check out these new additions and features:


While Lores offers a diverse array of unique and non-traditional musical instruments such as the Mongolian horse fiddle and medieval pipes, Fables focuses on a collection of classical and traditional instruments.

When combined, they form a versatile package of harmonious musical tools, ideal for enhancing your upcoming production. Get them together now.

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Hand-played instruments expressed through over 400 articulations

Fables offers sixteen different instruments including blendable string sections, female and male choirs, woodwind, tuned percussion, pads, low brass, French horn ensembles, and even waterphone.

Presets menu in Fables
Presets menu in Fables

Recorded at the iconic Studios 301 in Sydney, the sounds of Fables are enriched with unique acoustics and top-of-the-line equipment.

Recording Fables in Studios 301
Recording Fables in Studios 301

Every swell, tremolo, and stray harmonic was meticulously captured to embrace human character. And every instrument comes with a variety of articulations and effect options, including reverb, noise, boost, and power.

Fables also allows you to blend between two microphone positions, a close/overhead mix and a room/far mix, for true control.

Blend up to three layers with varying articulations for added depth and texture

The three layer engine in Fables allows you to seamlessly blend organic and synthetic sounds, allowing you to effortlessly intertwine an array of exquisite instruments and synthetic textures—each one brimming with its own distinct timbre and character.

Perform expressively with new polyphonic aftertouch capabilities

Fables is powered by polyphonic aftertouch, allowing each note to become its own canvas for expression. Infuse your music with subtle nuances and breathtaking dynamics by effortlessly controlling MIDI with your touch.

By varying the pressure applied to different keys, you can affect the volume, panning, filters, pitch, and modulation of your instruments. Take your musicality and creativity to the next level with the new depth that polyphonic aftertouch provides.

Settings with polyphonic aftertouch in Fables
Settings with polyphonic aftertouch in Fables

Use the magic and energy of Fables to tell your sonic story

Fables provides lush, evolving cinematic textures to your compositions with more than 400 articulations, blendable layers, and polyphonic aftertouch to bring a new dimension of depth and emotion to your compositions and performances. Start using Fables today!
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