Why did you start making YouTube videos?

My first upload to YouTube was in September 2016. At the time I was applying to marketing and copywriting jobs after college. I got tired of trying to prove myself through a resume and a cover letter, explaining why I’m worthy of working for someone I’ve never met. I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, so I told myself I’d use my knowledge and talent to build something for myself. If you want to sell, market or inspire others to pursue their dreams, you need an audience and YouTube seemed like a good way to build that.



How did you grow your community?

I had an idea of what type of content I wanted to create. I went on YouTube to see what people were already doing in that area, and what they weren’t doing. I figured out a way of creating content that not only filled that gap but that also inspired and entertained others. I’ve always been an honest person so I’ve never tried to be something I’m not. I think people picked up on these things and that’s really how I got the channel off the ground.


You remade the Game of Thrones video theme song, how did that came to be?

I wanted to do something different on the channel and had never transcribed a film score before. I knew I could make it happen thanks to the awesome symphonic sounds from Native Instruments. I love the show and it was a challenge to try and listen to each layer of the music and figure it out by ear. It ended up being so close that I got a copyright claim from YouTube. Definitely worth it though.



Your track ‘Pull Up’ featuring Sonny Digital is available to remix now. What makes a good remix in your opinion?

I want people to reimagine the song and really make it their own. Whether they keep the original tempo and bounce, slow it down and switch up the chords, or turn it into an EDM banger with heavy synths. I really just want the sound they create to be on point. If someone can make me feel like it’s the first time I’m hearing it through their remix, they might just have the winning track.


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