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10 of the best AI-powered plugins
to use in your music

10 of the best AI-powered plugins to use in your music

The innovation in music production tools knows no bounds. AI-powered plugins have opened a realm of possibilities that were once the stuff of dreams for musicians and producers. From supercharging creativity and saving precious time to elevating the quality and efficiency of music production, AI-powered plugins are the new maestros of the studio.

In this blog we’ll explore 10 of the best AI-powered plugins to use in your music to help you achieve your unique sound, improve your workflow, and inspire your sonic creativity.

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1. Dreamtonics Synthesizer V Studio Pro

Synthesizer V Studio Pro is the flagship AI-powered singing synthesis software developed by Dreamtonics, including an intuitive and flexible interface and an engine backed by cutting-edge technologies.

You can easily create realistic-sounding vocal covers or original songs by simply sketching out a melody and filling in the lyrics.

With Synthesizer V Studio Pro, you can:

  • Generate highly realistic and expressive vocal performances
  • Adjust various parameters such as pitch, timing, expression, and phonemes to fine-tune the vocal output to match your creative vision
  • Create vocal performances in various languages and dialects

2. Audialab Emergent Drums 2

Emergent Drums 2, a revolutionary AI-powered plugin, generates infinite original drum samples from scratch using cutting-edge generative models. Easily create countless unique, royalty-free sounds with this innovative instrument.

  • Each drum sample is crafted entirely from scratch
  • Utilize Deep Sampling technology to create endless variations of your personal samples
  • Beyond sample generation, it functions as a 16-pad MIDI-playable instrument with multi-out support
  • Seamlessly integrate it into your workflow, whether via MIDI, DAW, sound design tools, or sample pack creation

3. XLN Audio XO

XO is a dynamic Beat maker plugin that offers a fresh and innovative approach to drum sample organization and exploration. This powerful tool is fully compatible with MIDI, enhancing your creative possibilities and workflow efficiency. XO can transform your beat-making experience, introducing multiple ways to organize and improve your beat making workflow.

  • Load your own samples and have XO automatically sort them
  • Access XO’s Presets Playlists and 8000+ hand-picked factory samples
  • Sculpt the perfect groove with the curated Groove Templates
  • Drag-and-drop the beat you’ve created with ease into your own workflow

4. Baby Audio TAIP

TAIP offers a faithful, AI-based emulation of a 1971 European tape machine. This plugin adds the same harmonic richness and non-linear magic as the hardware, with analog warmth, heat and saturation qualities of classic reel-to-reel tape machines.

It’s a great plugin for achieving an analog sound in the box, whether you’re looking to add distortion, mix with a vintage tape quality, or to get a lofi vibe.

  • Bring the true sound and behavior of analog tape into your DAW
  • Use it to add organic saturation and life to sterile drums, instruments and vocals
  • Intuitive and versatile feature set: customize any tape flavor for any need

5. iZotope RX 10 Standard

Recorded audio is rarely perfect. Air conditioners, mouth sounds, birds chirping—can all impact your recorded audio quality. From analyzing audio capture and production issues to providing processing solutions, the iZotope RX audio cleanup plugin speeds up your editing workflow, salvages poor audio takes that were once unfixable, and delivers reliably clear sound quality.

  • Use AI-powered noise reduction tools and the Repair Assistant plugin to effectively remove unwanted background noise and enhance audio clarity
  • Precise spectral editing tools make it easier to fix specific audio issues, like clicks, hums, and sibilance
  • Restore damaged or degraded audio recordings, invaluable for recovering and improving old or problematic audio files

6. iZotope Neutron 4

Mixing audio can be challenging due to the need to balance multiple elements, such as vocals, instruments, and effects, while achieving a cohesive and professional sound that translates well across various playback systems. iZotope Neutron 4 uses eight powerful plug-ins powered by AI to create a modern and intelligent mixing experience.

  • Quickly get a starting point for your mix with the Assistant View that listens as you play audio
  • Dynamically match the tone of your track to a sample or stem
  • Fine-tune your sound with eight plug-ins including EQ, Compressor, Unmask, and more

7. iZotope Elements Suite

Harness the potency of iZotope’s AI-powered Assistants to give you a professional sound with audio cleanup, vocal production, mixing, and mastering with the iZotope Elements Suite, featuring RX Elements, Nectar Elements, Neutron Elements, and Ozone Elements.

  • Easily clean up background noise, unwanted plosives, and more with RX Elements
  • Get AI-powered assistance in mixing your audio with Neutron Elements on your instruments and Nectar Elements on vocals
  • Use the simplified Master Assistant in Ozone Elements to balance your mix, maximize the overall volume, and achieve a polished and professional sound

8. iZotope Ozone 11 Standard

Audio mastering has never been easier with the power of AI. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on the next chart-topping hit or producing your first song, Ozone 11 delivers cutting-edge processing and AI-powered workflows to help you make your tracks release-ready.

  • Get a pro sound fast with the AI-powered Master Assistant featuring an AI Vocal Checker, up-to-date with the latest trends in music
  • Sculpt a balanced sound with the new Stabilizer module, an intelligent and adaptive mastering EQ
  • Match to any reference track to an extreme degree with an EQ that uses over 8,000 separate bands to get the most precise snapshot possible

9. Guitar Rig 7 Pro

Guitar Rig 7 Pro is a multi-effects rack and amp simulator powered by groundbreaking ICM technology in which artificial neural networks are trained to produce algorithms that represent the inner workings of analog hardware in fine detail.

  • Get instant flavor with over 100 new rack presets, or mix and match modules to sculpt your own tones
  • Experiment with four new virtual amps and five new pedals powered by machine learning ICM technology
  • Additional features include a Cabinet Impulse Response Loader, Loop Machine Pro, and four new lo-fi components

10. iZotope Nectar 4

Last but not least, iZotope Nectar 4 is a complete set of tools for mixing, producing, and designing vocals. Its AI-powered Vocal Assistant can help you get transparent, impactful vocals just by listening, with a broad interface for making helpful decisions for your vocal productions.

  • Create background singers that sit behind your main vocal by picking from eight different styles or import your own acapella to further customize your sound
  • Get complicated vocal layers for your vocal production without needing to learn voice-leading and harmonic motion with Voices
  • Tone-match any vocal sound with Audiolens technology that separates the vocal from your reference track to gain valuable information

Start using AI to help your music production workflow

The integration of AI-powered plugins continues to evolve the way we make music. From drum sample organization to vocal synthesis and audio enhancement, these AI-powered plugins have opened up new horizons for music production.

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