Track building, Knock style

There are very few producers out there faster than than Knock Squared on MASCHINE. Whether it’s hip hop, or house music, Knock does it all with incredible speed. Happily explaining his workflow, the producer runs through the basic-building blocks of a track, showing how quick and easy it is to sketch a beat.


Making beats at Starbucks

Beatmaker Marques Kincaid produces a first-person video of a brief production session, while sipping coffee at Starbucks. No monitors, no slick video transitions, no studio, no problem. Just the bare bones set up of a laptop, headphones and MASCHINE delivering this great result.



Finger drumming and live singing

Soul Brother Stef and his sister cover Erykah Badu’s neo-soul track “Fall in love” in one take complete with live vocals.



Making a soulful beat in Logic Pro X

Stefan Guy goes step-by-step through making a beat using MASCHINE before moving onto to KOMPLETE KONTROL to add his signature R&B bassline, giving an insight to his current favourite synth packs.



Making a beat and scratching on top of it

Accurate Beats sets himself the challenge of lifting a sample from a soul record in his collection and dropping it direct into MASCHINE, transforming it into a beat, and scratching over it.



Using MASCHINE with an external synth

BoBeats uses MASCHINE to sequence his external Moog Mother 32, and explains how he makes a full track from the starting point of the modular’s arpeggio plus a load of effects.