Top 5 grooveboxes and sound tools from the REAKTOR factory library

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Tzusing: ‘World Techno’ from a truly international DJ and producer

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Scintii on finding her sound

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Reality bites : Adventures in VR game audio with Jim Fowler and Joe Thwaites

Native Instruments talks to two leading sound designers and composers at Playstation.

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Deadbeat on a return to hope, sound in real space

Golf clubs on street corners, drum loops recorded in toilets, and more. Find out to what lengths Canadian dub-techno producer Deadbeat went to to curate his unique sound.

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5 dynamic ways to use compressors

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How to mix disco drums with The Emperor Machine

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Annie Gosfield: Making Kontakt in War of the Worlds

Composer Annie Gosfield shares her experience on scoring the recent operatic production War of the Worlds at Los Angeles' Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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Chevel on sound, inspiration, and finding new timbres

With a new record out on the Mumdance and Logos-run imprint Different Circles, Peter Kirn speaks to Chevel to gain a deeper understanding as to how the album came together.

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A beginner’s guide to KONTOUR

Start mastering sound design with these introductory videos to KONTOUR.

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