by Ali Wong

Check out our favorite videos from
the Native community in June

Mutating basslines with ABSYNTH, cinematic soundscapes from PHARLIGHT,
and more – here's our round up of the month's best videos.

In this new monthly series, we’re highlighting the very best of our Creator Community’s videos. With so much going on around the web, thousands of incredible sounds, and countless inspiring ideas to sift through, we only have room for the best of the best here – the cream of the content crop. So watch this space for quick-fire creative inspiration alongside the deepest of dives into your favorite Native Instruments plug-ins, both new and old. This month, the focus is on a couple of recent releases: PHARLIGHT, our new vocal-based granular instrument, and ANIMA ASCENT, an Expansion for modern pop sounds – all explored by some of our favorite sound designers, YouTubers, and all-around music-tech nerds.

Making a beat with ABSYNTH 5 by Kit Complete

If you’re worried our semi-modular sound design beast might be a little intimidating to learn, start with this tutorial by Kit Complete. The YouTuber is on-hand to show how you can get instant results through the Mutate function. Any preset can become its own unique sound simply by selecting another preset to morph to, then finding a sweet spot between the two. This nifty feature takes a whole lot of the detail work out of doing your own unique sound design, so you can focus on being creative.

How pro sound designer Robert Dudzic uses PHARLIGHT

Pro sound designer Robert Dudzic takes us on a tour of his brand new PHARLIGHT, a powerful granular-based KONTAKT instrument that adds a human, breathy quality to your sounds. Dudzic shows us how to combine presets with your custom samples for instantly grand yet personal results.

Six beats with ANIMA ASCENT by Jef Gibbons

In full improvisation mode, Jef Gibbons breaks out the ANIMA ASCENT expansion, showing us how quickly ideas can come together when you’re familiar with your gear. Watch him play around with some of the kits using an effortless workflow, creating six colorful beats in just over 14 minutes!

All the sounds from ANIMA ASCENT by DDS

Jef’s video whet your appetite? If you want a run through of all – and we mean all – the sounds in ANIMA ASCENT, DDS fulfills your wish in this 48-minute video, showcasing the exact pop, trap, R&B, and soul material you can expect to work with on your next beat. Because sometimes you just wanna know everything there is to know about a soundpack before you decide to pick it up.

Jeia bringing the lofi vibes with MASCHINE

In this short little clip, Jeia shows us her finger drumming chops, jamming out a feel-good beat on the MASCHINE Mk3. Check this out if you need some quick inspiration to get practicing and producing.

Taetro making a vocal pop beat on KOMPLETE KONTROL M32

Watch this quick jam by Taetro on the KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 to see how keys can be just as versatile as pads for triggering chopped chords and vocal samples, as well as switching between the two on the fly.


Want to see your own videos here next month? Keep on making great content, and don’t forget to tag us! You can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

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