by Evan James

Community wrap-up: New videos from Blezz Beats, two different Blakes, and more

Explore new Expansions, pick up some bass tips, and get inspired with our
creator community this February.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve survived yet another Valentine’s Day. And what better way to rebound from the dead roses, deflated balloons, and paeans to romantic consumerism than by remembering your first true love: Music. Inspiration is critical to keeping that creative fire alive – so let’s fan the flame and see who fired us up this February.

Check out our selections below, and be sure to tag us if you’re releasing new music, videos, or general creativity into the world next month.

Explore a rave new world with Blake Heart

Eminently affable multi-hyphenate Blake Heart is back with a bustling breakdown of our LIQUID ENERGY Expansion. The talented musician, DJ, podcaster, and attorney hatches a hypnotic house track before diving headfirst into the face-melting sounds of our danciest new expansion. Acid house not your thing? Stick around and watch her apply those psychedelic signatures to her own brand of infectious synth pop and indie folk.

Bass chops with RedMeansRecording

Here’s something fresh out of the oven from our second Blake of the month, Jeremy Blake, aka RedMeansRecording. Aspiring chefs know that a meal’s success hinges on prep work, and cooking up frenetic jungle DnB is no exception: this sonic gourmet serves up some finely-chopped LazerBass drenched in delay and finished with a hefty helping of frequency shifters. Sit back and enjoy this master class in slicing and dicing complex synths with MASCHINE+.

Blezz Beats makes a banger with Neo Boogie

Our favorite Swede is coming in hot with a top-notch treatment of our NEO BOOGIE Expansion. The eternally chill Blezz Beats takes us on a whistle-stop tour of old school grooves and space-age funk, then harvests two ad-libbed beats of his own before closing it all out with a brisk breakdown that includes helpful tips on rim-shot placement and some quick arrangement tricks.

Sarah, The !llstrumentalist shows us where the magic happens

Producer, content creator, and self-professed vinyl junkie Sarah, The !llstrumentalist has made a name for herself by crafting soulful, lo-fi, boom bap beats. She’s also made a point of documenting her creative journey over the years: from her first home studio in her childhood bedroom, to her current luxurious digs in sunny Venice Beach, California. If you’ve ever wondered how she channels those dusty jazz spaceship sounds, then this is your chance to cop a vibe! Just don’t forget the palo santo.

Get boss-level bass on a budget with The Kit Complete

The Kit Complete is here to remind you that you don’t need premium gear for top-shelf tones. And while there are plenty of ways to drive this point home, he opts for maximum impact by using his own hand-me-down bass, complete with vintage high school strings. For added authenticity, TKC crafts a laid-back jazz beat swaddled in scratches, then uses the punchy vintage tones of Guitar Rig 6’s BASS INVADER to transform this bargain beater into a major rager.

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