by Zack Ferriday

Exploring everything the TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 has to offer

Go full nerd mode and take an extra-deep dive into the F1 with DAVE Digital And Vinyl Expert.

The KONTROL F1 is TRAKTOR’s dedicated remix controller, and some of its fans are seriously dedicated. YouTuber DAVE recently put together a four-part tutorial that covers everything from bread-and-butter basics to advanced sequencing and hidden features. Hook up your speakers, switch on the kettle, and buckle down for four videos that will change your F1 game for good.

Get the low-down on all of the primary functions, knobs, buttons, and faders, as well as Remix Decks.


In this video, get a detailed run through the F1’s overlay mode – this often-overlooked extra gives the F1 an entirely new lease of life as a deck controller.


This one’s for the STEMS fans out there. Find out how to use STEMS with the F1, and see what’s possible.


The final part of the F1 series is dedicated to its step-sequencer function when using Remix Decks – perfect for DJs that like to push their performance even further.


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