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Introducing KOMPLETE NOW

Find out all about our new subscription offer and what it means for you

At Native Instruments, our mission is to inspire all music creators to shape the future of music. As the definition of a music creator continues to evolve, we believe in the importance of evolving with it. Today, everyone from professional musicians to beginners need access to the tools and inspiration that enable their process. As the producer community keeps growing and diversifying, we are expanding what we have to offer in order to keep serving all creators. This includes everything from product to pricing and service models, in an effort to create accessibility for our premium portfolio.

With this in mind, we are introducing KOMPLETE NOW, a new subscription offer that will be available as a complement to our existing portfolio of products. Our research, including countless conversations and interviews with producers around the world, shows that many people today are looking for more flexible solutions. KOMPLETE NOW provides a new way of encouraging creativity, geared towards people who do not already own many of our products, and will be consistently updated for a curated experience.

KOMPLETE NOW gives beatmakers, producers and creators instant access to a collection of some of our most highly sought-after instruments and effects for a low monthly or yearly payment. At the core of KOMPLETE NOW is the idea that it will consistently grow. Preset drops, sound packs, effects, and more will be introduced on a regular basis – think of it as signing up for a sonic season pass. Importantly, we will look to shape the future of KOMPLETE NOW together with our global community, leveraging user insights and direct feedback for ongoing iteration. What we learn from KOMPLETE NOW will also help us to improve our products for all customers, including our existing portfolio. It will teach us more about how our customers are using our tools, helping to inform how we can make them better.

For those who are newer to music production, or who simply want to learn how to make the most out of KOMPLETE NOW, we are launching a Learning Hub where we list walkthroughs, quickstart guides, manuals, and more. The Learning Hub will also continue to grow over time with fresh educational content produced by NI.

To state the obvious – we know that subscriptions are not for everyone. It is clear that a lot of our users want to keep buying our products in a way that is familiar to them, and we want to reassure everyone that subscription is just another way to get access. We are not making any changes to the existing ways of purchasing our products, and we are fully committed to investing in our perpetual portfolio. We will continue to keep our products updated to allow for continued use and development.

We are so excited to see what is possible by not only continuing our current offerings, but by introducing a new service to creators with a lower barrier to entry. We also greatly value your input as part of this process, and we want to forge the path into this new territory together.


Learn more about KOMPLETE NOW – and claim your 3-month free trial – from our online shop.

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