by Zack Ferriday

Watch 13 artists explore the sounds of KOMPLETE 13

We asked some of our favorite artists and creators to dive into our flagship production
suite and play through the sounds on offer.

There’s a lot to discover in our flagship production suite – from spaceage synths to creamy vintage goodness, sampled beats, and cinematic soundscapes.

We enlisted the help of 13 amazing artists to guide you through some of what’s on offer. Expect jazzy jams, sketched beats, and indulgent piano noodlings as each one plays through some of the stock sounds included in KOMPLETE’s various flavors. Get the headphones on and tune in for some seriously deep sonic excursions.

Discover KOMPLETE 13

Nahre Sol: Acoustic pianos

Go deep into KOMPLETE 13’s sampled piano collection with YouTube extraordinaire Nahre Sol. Listen out for NOIRE’s intimate detail, the huge range possible from UNA CORDA, and the diverse styles of THE GIANT, THE MAVERICK, THE GRANDEUR, THE GENTLEMAN, plus ALICIA’S KEYS. From soft to striking, mellow to melodramatic, and everything in-between.

Blue Lab Beats: Beats and keys

London jazz duo Blue Lab Beats run through a series of low-key electronic jam sessions using VINTAGE KEYS, VINTAGE ORGANS and STUDIO DRUMMER on MASCHINE.

Tonnerre: Play Series

Bordeaux-based electronic producer Tonnerre takes a tour through picks from the Play Series’ melodic side, with sounds from HYBRID KEYS, MODULAR ICONS, ANALOG DREAMS, ETHEREAL EARTH, and CLOUD SUPPLY.

Masaru Yokoyama: Orchestral scoring

Composer Masaru Yokoyama takes a mesmerizing, expressive approach to CREMONA QUARTET,  SYMPHONY SERIES, MALLET FLUX, ARKHIS, MYSTERIA, and NOIRE.

Gnarly: Expansions

Live beat-making master GNARLY steps up on finger drumming duties for some of the most exciting Expansions in KOMPLETE 13, taking us from chilled hip hop to dancefloor beats, via neo-soul, UK grime, and more.

Andre Louis: Drums

A long standing friend of ours (and a next-level keyboard percussionist!) Andre Louis played a key role in developing and testing accessibility features in KOMPLETE KONTROL, and also acting as a bridge between Native and a group of visually-impaired musicians. Here, he takes KOMPLETE 13’s percussion collections for a ride –  from the expressive acoustic stylings of the ABBEY ROAD DRUMMER COLLECTION to hybrid weirdness courtesy of BATTERY 4 and TRK-01. You can learn more about Andre’s story here on the blog.

Kamaal Williams: Synths

The inimitable Kamaal Williams turns his distinctively rhythmic approach to keys toward the sounds of MASSIVE, FM8, KONTOUR, and RETRO MACHINES – taking us through dystopian, cinematic electronica towards punchy, Rhodes-leaning jazz, with plenty in-between.

Howie Lee: Cutting-edge sound design

Who better to show off the more avant-garde sounds of KOMPLETE 13 than Beijing-based producer Howie Lee? From organic-sounding sampled styles in KINETIC TOYS and KINETIC METAL, to the unashamedly-digital sounds of MASSIVE, MASSIVE X and ABSYNTH, plus FORM and ANALOG DREAMS.

Jeia: Expansions

Beatmaker Jeia takes a series of Expansions from KOMPLETE 13 on a far-reaching Maschine Mk3 workout, including sounds from AQUARIUS EARTH, OPALINE DRIFT, DISTRICT XEO, INFINITE ESCAPE, PURE DRIP, and more.

Ondre J Pivec: Electric keys & vintage organs

Ondre J Pivec is a Grammy-winning artist and composer, as well as a member of Gregory Porter’s live band. Here, he explores some of KOMPLETE 13’s keyboard offerings with the SCARBEE MARK I, CLAVINET, and A-200, plus the VINTAGE ORGANS collection. Classy tones, heaps of expression, and lots of electric fun.

Robert Dudzic: Cinematic sound design

Sound designer Robert Dudzic takes a journey through KOMPLETE 13’s ethereal cinematic offerings – from the hair-raising sounds of THRILL, to the arcane atmospheres of MYSTERIA, and the larger-than-life, granular textures of PHARLIGHT and STRAYLIGHT.

Priscilla J: Pianos

KOMPLETE 13’s pianos are as deep as they are evocative. LA-based pianist Priscilla J takes some of her favorites along for the ride, including ALICIA’S KEYS, THE MAVERICK, and NOIRE.

Datsunn: Expansions

Beatmaking extraordinaire Datsunn puts a selection of Expansions from KOMPLETE 13 through their paces with some improvised excursions through downtempo nirvana – featuring AQUARIUS EARTH, DISTRICT XEO, ARTIST EXPANSION: DJ KHALIL, FADED REELS, MAGNETIC COAST, QUEENSBRIDGE STORY, ARTIST EXPANSION: THE STEREOTYPES, and TRUE SCHOOL.


To hear more from KOMPLETE 13, see what’s new in each version, and check out your personal update/upgrade offers, visit the product page.

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