Dana Ruh

The Berlin powerhouse shows you how to sculpt sound and use tools like variation and delay to unblock creativity.

Dana Ruh does it all – she’s a DJ and producer who also runs two record labels (Brouqade and Cave Records), a distribution company, and record store out of a space called KMA60, located in Berlin’s Neukölln district. While her musical life may be complicated, Dana’s approach to music-making is simple: she prefers “playing over programming.” In fact, she loves ignoring the mouse altogether.

In this SKETCHES video, Dana builds a textural minimal house track from scratch inside MASCHINE+, using MASSIVE, MONARK, RAUM, and external sounds sampled in via the USB port to create drums, bass, and dynamic melodies. Dana also discusses syncing other instruments with MASCHINE+ via MIDI, using variation and effects to get out of a creative rut, and ways to shape your sounds and make them more dynamic using cutoff, resonance, and automation.

Watch the video to learn how to unblock your creativity and craft a whole track inside MASCHINE+.


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