We’re big fans of Andrew Huang here at NI. In his own inimitable style, he’s helped to demystify music making like few others have before.

You’ll often see him creating music from unusual, and sometimes crazy sources like fruit, a rubber chicken, or the abandoned aircraft hangar we took him to, here in Berlin.

So how would he get on creating a song using KOMPLETE START? Our new free collection of sounds, instruments, and effects comes with over 2000 studio-quality sounds – perhaps not quite as tough as some of his other challenges.

It won’t surprise anyone that Andrew smashed the challenge. ‘Yours‘ is a catchy, synth-driven anthem. Recently released as his new single, it’s just been playlisted in Spotify’s coveted New Music Friday.

Watch the exclusive video below to see how he made the track using ANALOG DREAMS, TRK-01 BASS, GUITAR RIG PLAYER, and other sounds included in KOMPLETE START.

Now Andrew is challenging you. For a chance to win some incredible music production prizes, he wants you to remix his song and give it your own unique twist. So what are you waiting for? Get KOMPLETE START for free and take on the challenge to win.

Get all the details at our competition page.