by Tim Cant

WATCH: How to make analog
bass sounds in RAZOR

Get to grips with RAZOR, with the latest tutorial video from Native Instruments.

Thanks to its powerful additive synthesis engine and easy to use virtual analog-style interface, RAZOR is one of the best synths around for making big, bad analogue bass sounds. In this tutorial Native Instruments show you a couple of simple tricks that will help you get gnarly, grimey basses in a matter of minutes.

Released just over five-years ago, the REAKTOR ensemble created in tandem with Berlin producer Errorsmith, has become the leading tool in generating low-frequency basslines, and synth sounds. Using the oscillaor, some filtering and shaping, Tim Cant demonstrates how to easily craft a dirty-sounding bassline, perfect for your next dubstep, or drum and bass record.

To explore RAZOR further, grab yourself a demo by clicking the link below.

Download the free RAZOR demo

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