by Thomas Evans

Watch: New Forms Japan with
dBridge and Kabuki

Two cities, one challenge: Create a club-ready track in a day using MASCHINE.

There’s no better feeling than when ideas are coming thick and fast and the room is buzzing with creative energy. That’s the spirit of New Forms, the brainchild project of post-jungle pioneers, and creators of the DECODED FORMS Expansion, Kabuki and dBridge.

Creating a track in a day with artists you’ve never worked with before is challenging enough. But when the finished track has to be pressed to dubplate and played out at a local club the very same night, there’s no room for error. Follow the intrepid producers to Tokyo and Osaka as they work with local artists to go from brand-new project to club-ready cut in a matter of hours – fueled by MASCHINE.


Watch Kabuki, dBridge, and Tokyo-based artists Double Clappaz build a grimy beat from scratch, lay down vocals, and create a finished track – all with MASCHINE. Made in under two hours, the frenetic cut is played out later that night in a Tokyo club.


In the Osaka session, MASCHINE’s flexible Audio plug-in is fully exploited to bring together the individual setups of Kabuki, dBridge, and Osaka-based producer Fulltono. Hear each artist explain their workflow, as a table full of gear comes to life to create a skittering rhythmic workout, worthy of the dancefloor.

10 years of MASCHINE

From artist stories and engineering tales to hardware makeovers and birthday freebies, join us as we celebrate ten years in style. To see what’s new, head to the ten years of MASCHINE page.

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