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Why upgrade to Traktor Pro 3.10? Here’s what’s new

why upgrade to TRAKTOR PRO

Almost two decades ago, we created the first DJ software to truly conquer the club. Since then, it’s filled sound systems and dance floors across the world, as well as house parties, bars, beaches, and everything in between.

Now, with the latest version of Traktor Pro, we’ve added plug and play support for the brand new Traktor X1 MK3, a new CDJ-3000 rumble filter setting, improved precision for the audible metronome for those who beat grind their tracks by ear, as well as continued improvements to stability and usability for Traktor Pro. Read on for further details.

What’s new?

If you would like to unlock more features, head to the “Subscriptions” tab in Native Access. To keep your DJ sets sounding fresh, we’ll keep adding new cutting-edge tools and effects to Traktor Pro Plus.



Plug and play support for Traktor X1 MK3

We’ve added plug and play support for the new Traktor X1 MK3, including many configuration preferences that allow you to easily customize your controller to your needs. See its vast array of features, enabling you to create distinctive performances through effortless effects control, playback manipulation, seamless looping, mixer mapping, and beyond.

CDJ rumble filter setting

We’ve added a filter option in the preferences section that reduces the impact on tracking quality from heavy bass rumble in the booth by adjusting the sensitivity of the jog-wheels when controlling Traktor with the CDJ-3000.

New CDJ rumble filter setting in Traktor Pro
New CDJ rumble filter setting in Traktor Pro

Improved accuracy of the audible metronome

The audible metronome (beat-tick) for fine-tuning Traktor’s beat-grids now has sample-accurate precision and consistency across all playback speeds and audio settings.

Improvements and fixes

A new Traktor Pro 3 has arrived, featuring extensive bug fixes and improved stability for all users. Fixes cover addressing incorrect values in FX group mode and an iTunes track artwork display problem. The full list of bug fixes and improvements can be found on our support site.


TRAKTOR PRO 3.10 is out now. Get the full rundown, check your upgrade price, and get the customizable Pattern Player on the product page.



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