by Point Blank

A beginner’s guide to BATTERY

Create kits and master the powerful drum sampler BATTERY
in these introductory tutorial videos.

In these starter videos Chris Carter of Point Blank Music School provides a walkthrough of BATTERY’s basic features by providing an overview of the software’s GUI, showing how to create kits with samples, how to use the software’s sample FX engine, and how to use master effects across entire kits.

Creating kits by using samples

In the first video in the series, you will learn how to create individual kits by dragging and dropping samples into BATTERY’s interface.

Creating kits by importing samples

Following up from the first video, you will start off from importing your own external samples to createing your own personalised kits, as well as learning how to save them for future use.

Sample editing

Edit the chosen samples, and learn how to utilise and modulate BATTERY’s native effects.

Utilising master effects

In the final video learn how to process entire kits during the master stage in order to achieve specific outcomes.

BATTERY is explored in-depth in Point Blank’s Online BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree, which explores REAKTOR in its entirety, along with its many individual components.

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