KONTOUR is an innovative phase modulation synth that runs in REAKTOR and allows you to create stunningly organic textures from plucked and bowed strings to distorted, aggressive and noisy sounds. The core of the engine consists of two sine oscillators with powerful phase modulation capabilities, extensive wave-shaping options, and ring modulation. Let’s take at look at this with our first video.


Interface and oscillators

In this first video, you will be familiarised with KONTOUR’s interface and learn how to shape the sine wave oscillators into various different waveforms.



Now, get to grips with KONTOUR’s variable state and comb filters; understand what they do, and how to best use them.


Modulation and effects

In the final video, Point Blank touches upon KONTOUR‘s innovative approach to modulation and provides a run-through of its effects section.


KONTOUR is covered in-depth in Point Blank’s online BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering course, which fully explores REAKTOR along with its many individual components.