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Beats From The Web. Part Five.

Beats From The Web returns, highlighting the talents of
MASCHINE enthusiasts from across the globe.

The latest installment in the Beats From The Web series celebrates MASCHINE users from all corners of the world. From turning Turkish funk into Dilla’esque boom-bap bangers, flipping fleamarket record finds, to making beats out of randomly chosen samples, the following videos show the high-level of musicianship ever present in the YouTube producer community.


Mikro beats and guitar layers

Unboxing and first time sampling on the MASCHINE MIKROMy Analog Journal flips a Turkish funk 7” record into a groove-laden downtempo beat rounding it up with his own bass guitar and electric guitar licks. All within the cosiest looking apartment you’ll find on YouTube.

Making beats with random samples

Maschine Masters’ OG Knock bangs out a beat-on-the-fly by combining different sample packs. After scanning through some harmonic samples and deciding on a chord sample as the leading motif, Knock goes on and lays down a wonky drum groove accompanied with a sliced-up, organic bassline riff.

Record shopping and sample flipping

After her regular fleamarket visit, Sarah2ill flips her newly purchased records into her signature style, lo-fi sketches. Slicing-up and fooling around with different samples can be fun as well and doesn’t necessarily always have to end up being a full production.

Sunday night grooves

This beat making video doesn’t only feature a great instrumental, but easily works as a how to build a dope boom bap beat in less than ten minutes. Starting out with showing the original sample and all the other elements of the production individually, Andrew Chellman quickly turns it into a low slung, boom-bap groover by adding sophisticated finger drumming techniques, analog basslines, and synth melodies.

Beats in the park

It is rare that music and surroundings go hand-in-hand as smoothly as memorecks’ beat excursion videos. In this video, he masterfully demonstrates his live performance abilities on his MASCHINE by finger drumming a lush boom-bap instrumental, combining boomy drum patterns with a powerful brass-infused soul sample.

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