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Beats from the web. Part three.

Volume three of 'beats from the web' with highlights from the current status in the world of beat making with MASCHINE.

The third installment of Beats from the Web showcases the current state of avid MASCHINE users worldwide. From trippy live jams incorporating iPhone ringtones, randomly chosen samples from YouTube, to finger drumming blues, creating whole songs within just ten minutes.

YouTube beats

Kit Complete lays down a hip hop beat with a random YouTube sample as source material. Starting off with some cheesy keyboard harmonies, he changes the pitch first and chops them into percussive chord stabs. Following up with a boom bap pattern and staccato pianos the beat now shapes up. A deep bassline and some vocal scratches round up the whole thing nicely.  Not knowing the sample’s source you’d never assume it was built around a keyboard sample.

Yaeji’s Against the Clock

In this episode of FACTMag’s Against the Clock, Yaeji composes a whole track in only ten minutes. Starting with a rough drum groove Yaeji quickly puts a rhythmic synth bass and melody on top by using different registers of the same synthetic sound. The rest of the track is done by stacking multiple vocal parts recorded on a field recorder to create harmonies and little melody bits.

MASCHINE ringtones

Would you ever have thought that you could make those iPhone ringtones and push message sounds actually sound so nice? In this short live jam, KIZ MusiqueOfficiel managed to fit in almost every sound that an iPhone is capable of making and remix them on the fly by using two MASCHINEs. The result is nothing less than amazing.

Atmospheric and deep trap beats with Just a Girl

In this video Courtney Hawkins gives an in depth explanation of her techniques and insights in making this beat. Starting off with a sound from Session Guitarist set to a harmonic minor scale that sets the mood and harmony of all the elements to follow, Hawkins follows up with drums, a vocal hit and a distorted synth lead. To give it a proper trap bounce Hawkins adds an additional 808 bassline.

Live finger drumming a bluesey hip hop beat

Fickus Beats impressively shows how you can flip blues samples and mash them up in good old finger drumming manner. Starting off with a somewhat classic boom bap-ish beat, he switches up the groove and doubles the time signature on the hi-hats to create a double-time feel while keeping the actual tempo. To finish, he turns the track into a little effect zone-out where scratches are emulated by using one of MASCHINE’s top row knobs.

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