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The best gifts for music producers in 2024

Gift guide for music producers

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for that person in your life that seems to have everything. Music producers are no exception; especially with the plethora of music-making tools that are already available to them.

Thankfully, we’ve found some of the best gifts that can inspire music producers, whether they’re just starting out or making music professionally. All you have to do is make sure they haven’t purchased them already!

Browse the best gifts for music producers in the following categories:

Software instruments and effects

In an ever-evolving digital world, software instruments and effects have become indispensable tools in a producer’s arsenal. Gifting music production software not only echoes your appreciation for their craft, but also provides them with new sonic avenues to explore. Let’s take a look at some music software gift ideas that are sure to strike a chord with the producer in your life.

Komplete Select

Komplete 14 is an extensive collection of high-quality virtual instruments, effects, and samples, making it a versatile and creative tool for music production. With its diverse range of instruments, from synthesizers and pianos to percussion and world instruments, Komplete 14 Select empowers artists to explore and experiment with different sounds and genres – a perfect gift for someone who is just starting on their music production journey.

This holiday season, get Komplete 14 Select for 50% off. And if you’re looking for even more instruments, samples, and effects, check out Komplete 14 Standard, Komplete 14 Ultimate, and Komplete 14 Collector’s Edition.

Price: $99 (normally $199)

Gift Komplete 14 Select

Komplete Now subscription

For those who love staying ahead of the curve, a Komplete Now subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Subscribers gain access to the latest releases and updates from Native Instruments, ensuring they’re always equipped with cutting-edge sounds and tools.

This subscription service is a great way for producers to stay updated with the latest in music production technology, making it an excellent gift for the modern-day producer.

Price: $9.99/month

Gift Komplete Now

Kontakt 7

Kontakt 7 is the latest iteration of the renowned sampler from Native Instruments. This robust software boasts an expansive library with a variety of sounds ranging from classical instruments to modern synths, catering to all genres. Plus, with its sound-manipulation capabilities, it allows for endless customization, enabling producers to shape sounds to their heart’s content.

Gifting Kontakt 7 not only enriches their sonic palette, but also provides a platform for endless creative exploration.

Price: $299

Gift Kontakt 7


Keyboards make awesome gifts for music producers. And, the keyboards on this list aren’t just instruments – they’re creative playgrounds! Take a look and you’ll discover why these keyboards make the perfect gift for any musician.

Kontrol S-Series MK3 keyboard

Kicking off our list of keyboards is the line of Kontrol S-Series MK3 MIDI keyboards. With a brand new design, these keyboards aren’t just MIDI controllers – they’re a union of hardware and software, offering unique expressive control wrapped in a sleek design.

The MK3 line-up, consisting of the S49, S61, and S88 models, saw a significant upgrade with the integration of polyphonic aftertouch. This feature allows for nuanced control over pitch, vibrato, and other parameters for each individual note, without the hassle of reaching for a dial.

The full-color glass display allows for intuitive navigation, while the illuminated pitch and modulation wheels add to the ease of use. These features, coupled with the seamless hardware/software integration, make it a phenomenal gift for any music producer.

Price: $749 / $849 / $1,299

Gift Kontrol Series MK3 Keyboards

Komplete Kontrol A-Series keyboard

The Komplete Kontrol A-Series keyboards are another great gift idea for a music maker. Available in three sizes (25 key, 49 key, and 61 key), these keyboards come pre-mapped for hundreds of Komplete and NKS plug-ins, with full VST support.

Plus, all A-Series keyboards come with a copy of Komplete 14 Select, which includes $199 worth of software instruments and effects! The A-Series borrows many of the S-Series’ best features like the 4D Encoder for software navigation – further enhancing the creative workflow.

Price: $169 / $219 / $279

Gift Komplete Kontrol A-Series Keyboard

Komplete Kontrol M32 keyboard

Compact yet powerful, the M32 Keyboard is a micro-sized controller packing a solid punch. With 32 compact keys, this keyboard offers a sleek design fused with professional production features.

It comes with a copy of Komplete 14 Select (which includes $199 worth of synths, basses, drums, and effects), plus Ableton Live 11 Lite. The informative OLED display and touch-sensitive control knobs add to the real-time control, making it a handy tool for music producers on the move.

Price: $139

Gift Komplete Kontrol M32 Keyboard

Mixing and mastering plugins

Getting a song to sound just right is something of an art form, and having the right tools can make all the difference. That’s where mixing and mastering plug-ins come into play. All of your producer friends are likely to be using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for music production and there’s an almost infinite amount of VSTs designed to extend their functionality.

For a music producer, receiving a set of high-quality plugins for a Christmas gift opens up a world of sonic possibilities, from subtle enhancements to bold, ear-catching effects. With every mix, they’ll discover new ways to tweak and refine their sound.

Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle

Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle

The Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle is a dream come true for any music producer, offering a vast array of 180+ plugins, FX, and apps from over 40 top-notch brands. This bundle is not just about quantity; it’s a quality powerhouse with the inclusion of stellar additions like Ozone 11 Elements, Neutron 4, RX Elements, and Guitar Rig 7 Pro.

It’s like having an expansive toolbox that caters to mixing, mastering, sound design, and even music composition. Plus, since the Mega Bundle continues to grow, this subscription just keeps on giving – making it one of the best gifts for music makers!

With prices starting from just $14.99 per month, the MEGA bundle will be an invaluable gift for your favorite music producer friend.

Price: $149.99/year–$299.99/year

Gift Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle

iZotope Music Production Suite 6

Music Production Suite 6 is one gift idea for a music producer that is sure to win you the “best gift-giver” award of the year! This bundle is a game-changer, including over 30 innovative plugins. From mixing and mastering to creative effects and audio repair, all facets are covered, bringing a whole new level of AI-powered workflows to the table. It includes gems like the new Ozone 11, Nectar 4, and many more to elevate any track.

And if you’re looking to gift a continually-updated bundle of music production plugins, the Music Production Suite Pro subscription is a great alternative.

Price: $449 (normally $599)

Gift Music Production Suite 6

Audio production plugins from Plugin Alliance

For a limited time, gift your music producer the best products in the Plugin Alliance collection, including ADPTR AUDIO Metric AB, Three-Body Technology Kirchhoff-EQ, and the Brainworx bx_console AMEK 9099. Save hundreds on the most popular audio plugins.

Price: $39.99–$99.99

Gift plugins from Plugin Alliance

Guitar Rig 7 Pro

When it comes to killer gifts for musicians, Guitar Rig 7 Pro is a top-notch choice. This bad boy is the latest iteration in a line of revered software known for its top-tier guitar amp and effects modeling. Imagine gifting the power to dial in tones from a vintage, tube-oozing growl to a modern, crisp shimmer, all in one neat digital package. It’s the kind of tool that can seriously up the ante in a music producer’s toolkit.

Price: $199

Gift Guitar Rig 7 Pro

iZotope Ozone 11

When it comes to gifts that will have a music producer grinning from ear to ear, Ozone 11 is a solid choice. It’s like handing over a personal mastering engineer in a box. This bundle is packed with smart tools that take on the heavy lifting of getting a mix to sound polished and professional, yet it leaves enough room for the user to put their own signature spin on the final output.

Price: $199

Gift iZotope Ozone 11

iZotope RX

Hooking up a music producer with RX 10 by iZotope would be like handing them the magic wand of audio repair. This tool is a veteran in the game, being used on tons of albums, movies, and TV shows to help convert flawed audio to pristine quality.

With its new Repair Assistant plugin, dynamic De-noise feature, and the Music Rebalance tool, it’s got the chops to identify and fix audio issues, remove annoying background sounds, and even rebalance entire mixes. Plus, it plays well with all major DAWs, making it a flexible choice for any audio cleanup mission.

Price: $399

Gift iZotope RX 10

iZotope Neutron 4

Neutron 4 is perfect for any music producer looking to elevate their mixing game. It lets you sculpt sound seamlessly, and the AI-powered assistance is there to make the mixing process both smarter and faster. The visualizations are smooth, and the interface is resizable for that tailored user experience. Plus, the new audio referencing tool, Audiolens, is a neat addition.

Price: $399

Gift iZotope Neutron 4

iZotope Nectar 4

When it comes to gifts for music producers, Nectar 4 is a choice that hits all the right notes. This vocal mixing software is packed with an intuitive collection of AI-powered tools that simplify the process of mixing, producing, and designing vocals. Whether it’s creating complex vocal layers effortlessly or tweaking the pitch, tone, and formant to add some virtual background singers, Nectar 4 opens up a new realm of sonic possibilities.

Price: $199

Gift iZotope Nectar 4

Audio Interfaces

An audio interface is a crucial piece of a music studio setup that translates analog sounds into digital data for a computer. It’s like a translator between a musician’s instruments and their digital workstation. Gifting one is like handing over a key to higher quality sound and creative freedom. It’s a practical and lasting gift that shows a deep appreciation for a music producer’s craft, making every recording session a reminder of your thoughtful gesture.

Komplete Audio 1 / Komplete Audio 2

The Komplete Audio 1 and Komplete Audio 2 interfaces are an excellent gift choice for music producers. They offer pristine sound quality and an easy setup, making them ideal for both newbies and seasoned producers. Each will allow you to easily record audio into your computer through either one or two channels.

Plus, for a limited time, both interfaces come bundled with Komplete 14 Select (that’s $199 worth of software for free!), making this gift a practical boost to any music producer’s toolkit.

Price: $89 (normally $109) / $99 (normally $139)

Gift Komplete Audio Interface

Komplete Audio 6

If your music producer in your life needs more inputs and outputs for their recording sessions, Komplete Audio 6 is an excellent holiday gift. Its six inputs and outputs, including four analog inputs, allow for multi-instrument recording, making it ideal for capturing various sound sources simultaneously.

Plus, for a limited time, Komplete Audio 6 also comes bundled with Komplete 14 Select (worth $199), making this gift a practical boost to any music producer’s toolkit.

Price: $179 (normally $249)

Gift Komplete Audio 6

MIDI controllers

A MIDI controller is a cool tool that lets a producer play virtual instruments, turning physical actions into digital sounds. It’s a great gift for a producer as it opens up a playground of musical experimentation, making the process of creating tunes more intuitive and fun. It’s like giving them a new paintbrush to color their sonic canvas.


The world of music production is a playground with endless toys, but some toys, like the Maschine+ MIDI controller, are kind of a big deal. This gadget is a stand-alone wonder that doesn’t even need a computer to get the party started. With its powerful dual-core processor and a generous 4 GB of RAM, this beauty is ready to tackle any project thrown its way. And let’s not overlook the sleek design and intuitive controls that make it a joy to use.

Maschine+ is more than just a MIDI controller; it’s a passport to a universe of sound, right at a producer’s fingertips. With one of these bad boys, the sky’s the limit.

Plus, for a limited time, Maschine+ comes with 12 additional Expansions – a value of $490 worth of free sounds and presets!

Price: $999 (normally $1199)

Gift Maschine+

Maschine MK3

The Maschine MK3, is a gem among gifts for musicians (especially the beat makers). This MIDI controller is more than just a beat pad – it’s an entire music production hub. Its integrated hardware and software setup is like a playground for creative minds, allowing for quick sketching and fine-tuning of musical ideas. The touch-sensitive controls and high-res color screens make it a tactile and visual delight, reducing the dreaded screen time. Whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, any music producer would find new avenues of creativity with the Maschine MK3.

Price: $499 (normally $599)

Plus, for a limited time, Maschine MK3 comes with 12 additional Expansions (that’s $588 worth of free sounds and presets!)

Gift Maschine MK3

Maschine Mikro

The Maschine Mikro is the most affordable in the lineup of Maschine controllers, but it doesn’t skimp on quality.  This compact beat-making buddy lets music producers sketch out ideas, drum up rhythms, and shape sounds with ease. The touch-sensitive pads are a joy to play with, and the smaller design means it’s not a hassle to carry around. The Maschine Mikro is more than just a piece of hardware; it’s a gateway to a new way of beat making.

Price: $199 (normally $249)

Plus, for a limited time, Maschine Mikro comes with 10 additional Expansions, worth $490 of free sounds and presets!

Gift Maschine Mikro

DJ equipment and software

Does the musician in your life wanna become a DJ? With the right tools, they’ll be well on their way! Let’s take a look at some DJ equipment and software options that’ve been turning heads and tweaking ears recently.

Traktor X1 MK3

The Traktor X1 MK3 is a perfect gift for any musician looking to dive into the digital DJ scene. This compact, powerful piece of tech has intuitive touch-sensitive controls and color displays — making navigating through tracks and tweaking sets on the fly a breeze.

Plus, this Traktor controller is super portable, so whether they’re spinning at a local gig or a big festival, the Traktor X1 MK3 is ready to roll. Gifting this to a musician not only levels up their gear game, but also shows a sweet nod to their passion. This gift allows for endless nights of beat-matching and mixing!

Price: $299

Gift Traktor X1 MK3

Traktor Pro 3

Gifting the Traktor Pro 3 software to the aspiring DJ in your life will unlock a new realm of musical exploration for them. This software goes beyond just spinning tracks; it’s about carving out sonic narratives. With its sleek, intuitive interface and a hefty suite of creative tools, it enables mixing, remixing, and even a dash of on-the-fly composition, bringing a live-performance vibe to the digital DJ booth.

Whether they’re a seasoned pro or just embarking on their musical voyage, Traktor Pro 3 offers a canvas for all sorts of audio adventures. If you’re aiming to give something that resonates, this piece of software might just strike the right chord.

Also, if you want to go above and beyond, consider adding on a subscription to Traktor Pro Plus – which will give them access to an ever-growing series of new features to play with inside the software, for just $4.99/month.

Price: $99

Gift Traktor Pro 3

Traktor Kontrol S3

The Traktor Kontrol S3 is one of the best gifts for musicians looking to tackle the DJ world. This DJ controller packs four channels, letting musicians mix up their sound in fresh, creative ways. And the sweet part? It’s user-friendly, but with enough depth to keep them discovering new tricks for a long time.

Whether they’re spinning tracks at a festival or just jamming at home, the Traktor Kontrol S3 gives them a solid grip on their music, allowing them to blend tracks and effects like a pro.

Price: $549

Gift Traktor Kontrol S3


Microphones are one of those gifts for musicians that hit the sweet spot between practical and exciting. Whether capturing the raw grit of a guitar or the delicate timbre of vocals, a good mic can make a world of difference. Let’s take a look at a couple microphone options that would make for great gifts for the musician in your life.

Slate Digital VMS ML-1

The Slate Digital VMS ML-1 is a real treat for anyone recording music on the regular. With the included software, this mic lets you emulate the sound of a ton of really expensive microphones. It’s essentially like having a bunch of classic vintage mics rolled into one, but with a modern twist. Perfect for laying down tracks in the studio, this mic makes a great gift for any musician.

Price: $799

Gift Slate Digital VMS ML-1

Shure SM57

Budget microphones make great gifts for aspiring musicians but the Shure SM57 has become a staple of the music industry used by up-and-coming artists and legendary performers alike whether in small clubs, mid-sized venues or stadiums. And, when it comes to professional recording, you’ll find that the SM57 is used more frequently than any other microphone, which makes it an outstanding gift choice.

Price: $99

Gift Shure SM57 Microphone

Sennheiser E 935

Delivering a crisp and clear sound during live performances, the Sennheiser E 935 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone is a great gift that any musician would love to unwrap. What makes this mic a fabulous gift idea is its top-notch sound quality, which can really help elevate a live performance. The cardioid pickup pattern does a stellar job at isolating the main sound source while minimizing background noise, which is a lifesaver on a noisy stage.

A solid microphone is one of those essentials for any performing musician, making the Sennheiser E 935 not just a thoughtful gift, but a practical one that’ll surely be appreciated and put to good use.

Price: $199

Gift Sennheiser E 935


Whether they’re jamming out alone in their garage, recording in a makeshift studio, or playing live gigs at local venues, a solid set of speakers can elevate their sound to a whole new level. It’s not just about the volume; it’s about the clarity, the depth, and the true representation of the music they’ve poured their heart and soul into. Take a look at some of the top picks for the best speakers you can gift a musician.

Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors

The Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors are a fantastic gift for a music producer. They offer a flat response for accurate mixing, embody a slick design, and come from a well-respected brand in the music realm. It’s a guaranteed upgrade to any at-home studio setup, aiding in crafting flawless sounds. Who wouldn’t appreciate the gift of high-quality audio in their creative space?

Price: $798 (pair)

Gift Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors

Bose S1 Pro

The Bose S1 Pro is a dynamite choice for musicians playing live gigs at intimate venues or on the bustling streets. This little beast is portable yet packs a punch with quality sound, making it a breeze to carry around from gig to gig. Its multi-position design allows for a tailored sound delivery whether you’re playing at a cozy coffee shop or showcasing tunes to a sidewalk crowd.

Plus, the built-in battery means you can play your heart out for hours without a power outlet in sight. Gift this to a musician, and they’ll be thanking you every time the crowd demands an encore!

Gift Bose S1 Pro


Whether they’re recording in the vocal booth, mixing their latest hit, or performing on stage, every musician should have at least one set of high-quality headphones. Take a look at a couple options we’ve picked!

Slate Digital VSX

The Steven Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones are an excellent gift for the home studio producer. These headphones come with a modeling software that emulates different listening environments, allowing a producer to hear what their mix sounds like in a variety of virtual acoustic spaces. With their beryllium drivers and a patented system to pump up the bass, these headphones aren’t just a gift, they’re a studio upgrade wrapped in a bow​.

Price: $299

Gift Slate Digital VSX

Shure SE215 Earphones

The Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones are a great option for any touring musician. They block out ambient noise, which is a lifesaver on a noisy tour bus or a bustling venue. With top-notch sound quality, comfortable fit, and a detachable cable for easy replacement, they combine convenience with quality, making them a great gift idea to add a touch of comfort to a musician’s “on-the-road” lifestyle.

Price: $99

Gift Shure SE215 Earphones

Room treatment

Setting up a home studio is a thrilling venture for any music producer, but getting the acoustics right is crucial and can be a bit of a puzzle. If you’re looking for a gift idea for a musician setting up a new studio who is in need of some noise-dampening items, here are some recommendations.

Gator Frameworks acoustic foam panels

Gator Frameworks acoustic foam is a fantastic gift idea for musicians. These panels are not just functional, helping to tame those unruly sound reflections, but they also have a clean look that can jazz up any studio space. Whether it’s a beat-making wizard or a podcasting guru, gifting these panels will help to unlock a world of sonic purity in their home studio!

Price: $64.99 (8-pack)

Gift Gator Frameworks acoustic foam panels

Auralex Studiofoam Bass Trap

The Auralex Studiofoam Bass Trap is a fantastic gift idea for music producers diving into the home studio scene. It works magic by taming low frequencies that can muddy up a room. The bass trap helps to clean up the sound so that what’s being recorded (and heard) is crisp and clear.

Price: $374.99

Gift Auralex Studiofoam Bass Trap

Free music production tools

Are you looking for music gifts on a budget? Take a gander at these freebie options that’ll still delight and inspire any musician.

Komplete Start

Gifting Komplete Start is like giving a treasure chest of musical possibilities, without spending a dime. This free bundle offers over 6 GB of sounds, which is a cool way for any musician to expand their sonic palette. It’s not just a gift, it’s an invitation to explore, create, and deepen their passion for music. Plus, it’s a gesture that shows you really get their love for tinkering with tunes.

And, even better yet, Komplete Start now includes the new standalone Ozone EQ plugin, along with tons of new software!

Price: $0

Gift Komplete Start free

iZotope Ozone EQ

Music producers and aspiring audio engineers can now control the finest details of their tracks with the brand new (free) EQ plugin from the industry-leading mastery suite, Ozone 11. Bring balance to music with this powerful set of features, including eight bands of adjustable filters and a variety of filter shapes.

Price: $0

Gift Ozone EQ free

Give the gift of music this season

And there you have it, a roundup of some pretty awesome gift ideas for the music producer in your life. Each one will help open a new world of sonic exploration, and show your budding producer that you totally get their passion for making beats and crafting tunes.

Whether it’s a shiny new plugin, or a sleek MIDI keyboard, make this gift-giving season about celebrating what they love to do. So, spread the love with gifts that hit the right note and keep the music flowing!

And if you’re looking for even more instruments and processors to gift, check out our list of some of the best VST plugins.

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