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The best gifts for music producers in 2022

Gift guide for music producers

With the holidays approaching fast, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for that person in your life that seems to have everything. Musicians and producers are no exception; especially with the plethora of music-making tools that are already available to them. Thankfully, we’ve found some of the best gifts that are likely to inspire musicians and producers whether they’re just starting out or making music professionally. All you have to do is make sure they haven’t purchased them already!

Browse the best gifts for music producers in the following categories:

Software instruments and effects

One of the best things about modern music production is that almost anyone can make a track in their bedroom, on a train or even a plane! All you need is a laptop and some software and you’re good to go. Here we offer some great software instruments and effects gifts for music producers of all levels.


A one-stop shop for all things production-based, Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE has long been a flagship software suite for music producers. With its vast stable of instruments and 230GB worth of content, KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD is another powerful upgrade to the series, built for sound designers and music producers looking to create virtually any genre or style of music, whatever their level of expertise. Discover what’s new in the latest version of KOMPLETE.




Are you ready to inspire someone? For two decades Native Instruments’ KONTAKT sampler has been a leading instrument-building tool for music makers, powering soundtracks behind thousands of blockbuster film scores and modern chart-topping hits. KONTAKT 7 is Native Instruments’ latest evolution, featuring a new resizable browser, added effects and an overhauled factory library that contains seven new collections spanning 900 instruments with intuitive controls (pre-mapped when used with KOMPLETE KONTROL or MASCHINE, naturally).



Keyboards and synths

In 2022, producers have a myriad of options available to them at the click of a mouse, yet some prefer to get hands-on with gear and enjoy the tactile nature and creative possibilities of hardware. Below are a couple of great synth and keyboard gift ideas for music producers that have been getting rave reviews this year.

Korg Volca FM2

korg volca fm2 synthesizer

Great things often come in small packages. Inspired by Yamaha’s legendary DX7 synthesizer, the Korg Volca FM2 has been touted as the ultimate compact FM synth. Its intuitive, user-friendly front panel controls allow producers to tweak its glorious sound bank of retro-sounding bells, pads and dark FM basses, and it also comes with a free music software bundle that includes iZotope Ozone Elements audio mastering plug-in.



Casio CT-S300

Casio has been a leading name in beginner keyboards for 40 years, and the new Casiotone series takes its reputation to another level. Designed to be the world’s most portable 61-note keyboard, the CT-S300 features a plethora of voices and rhythms alongside touch-sensitive keys, a newly designed speaker that defies its compact size, plus a pitch-bend wheel and LCD screen. All in all, an amazing budget keyboard at an unbeatable price.



Mixing and mastering plugins

All of your producer friends are likely to be using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for music production and there’s an almost infinite amount of VSTs designed to extend their functionality. These can take the form of software bundles or more specific plugins designed to enhance a producer’s ability to create, mix and master their tracks. These are great Christmas gifts for music producers who are looking for more ways to digitally process and perfect their sound.

Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle

Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle

The Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle has all the top-notch tools a producer needs for every part of music creation, from production to editing, mixing and mastering. Whether you’re a bedroom producer or an industry pro, its vast collection of virtual instruments is the ultimate toolbox for creators, with 180 plugins, FX and apps from 40 brands designed to cover any musician’s needs. With prices starting from just $9.99 per month, the MEGA bundle will be an invaluable gift for your favorite music producer friend.



iZotope Mix & Master Bundle Advanced

iZotope Mix and Master Bundle Advanced

Why piece together your arsenal of plugins when you can get them all in one place? The Mix & Master Bundle Advanced from iZotope is choc-a-bloc with many of iZotope’s best-selling professional mixing and mastering plugins, enabling users to streamline their mixing and mastering workflow with a range of interconnected products. The bundle contains Ozone 10 Advanced, Neutron 4, Tonal Balance Control 2, Neoverb, and Nectar 3 Plus. Now’s the time to let someone you know mix and master like the masters.



Maor Applebaum Mastering & Hendyamps THE OVEN

Designed by world renowned mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum in conjunction with boutique manufacturer Hendyamps, THE OVEN will transform any producer’s sounds like no other plugin on the market. The unit blends solid state and tube circuitry to add richness, colour and character to any sound via a unique set of controls for intuitive, creative and fun tone tweaking. With its ability to cook, bake and broil any sound source, help someone you know get cooking with THE OVEN!



Audio Interfaces

Audio interfaces convert microphones and instrument signals into a format that can be recognized by your computer software or route audio to a pair of headphones or studio monitors. They not only allow connectivity but offer many additional creative options, whether in a studio or live environment. Take a look at these great budget music production gifts within the audio interface world.

KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 interface


Connect, create and collaborate with this six-in, six-out audio interface featuring high-definition recording with ultra-low latency and flexible connectivity. KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 brings a musician’s whole setup together, allowing them to record audio in immaculate quality. Plug in mics, guitars or synths and get creating with a huge array of free software. AUDI0 6 is also great for the live stage, allowing performers to control main output and monitors levels via its big volume knob.



Focusrite Scarlett 4i4

For producers needing to expand their setups and add extra connectivity, look no further than the Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 audio interface. With four outputs for simultaneous recording, hook up a mic, guitar, keyboard or drum machine and get maximum audio quality from its built-in 24-bit/192kHz AD-DA converters. Designed to stand up to life at home, in the studio or on the road—and at a highly affordable price point, it’ll make a great gift for the favourite music producer in your life.



MIDI controllers

MIDI controllers have a number of practical uses. Not only do they save you having to carry around heavy equipment but they also allow you to control music software in a way that’s a lot more fun and intuitive than clicking notes on a screen. Whether a producer you know is a beginner or a professional, the following MIDI controllers are great Christmas gift alternatives.



Music-making is at its best when it’s fast, fun and physical. With its 61-key, semi-weighted custom key bed, Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE KONTROL A61 gives you the full expressive performance you need from a keyboard controller. Intuitive and easy to use, simply flick through the OLED display and browse through 6,700 sounds and a further 13GB of content. The A61 is also designed to give producers immediate access to transport, mixing and editing controls in their preferred DAW.




KOMPLETE KONTROL’S A-Series keyboards are great for working at home or in the studio, but what if somebody wants something a little more portable? Say hello to the KOMPLETE KONTROL M32—a 32-key micro-sized keyboard that enables musicians to control all of their instruments and effects. Lightweight, yet solid and playable, the M32 is supplied with innovative software and seamless DAW integration. In other words, everything a producer needs for making music on-the-go.




For people entering the world of production that want to sing or record speech and other various types of sounds, finding the right microphone can be a daunting experience. Thankfully, we can offer a couple of great gift mic ideas that will deliver outstanding results for music producers at a very budget-friendly price.

Neat King Bee II

Competitively priced and styled like a bumble bee hovering in flight, the Neat King Bee II is the perfect XLR condenser microphone for musicians wanting to record vocals, drums, electric guitar, piano or almost any acoustic instrument. Offering crystal-clear clarity and depth, it arrives with its own custom-designed shockmount and honeycomb-designed pop filter. All in all, a great gift for those aspiring to record vocals and acoustic instruments.



Shure SM57

Budget microphones make great gifts for aspiring musicians but the Shure SM57 has become a staple of the music industry used by up-and-coming artists and legendary performers alike whether in small clubs, mid-sized venues or stadiums. And, when it comes to professional recording, you’ll find that the SM57 is used more frequently than any other microphone, which makes it an outstanding gift choice.




Sometimes, playing tracks on headphones or laptop speakers just doesn’t cut it and producers want to hear much higher fidelity or an emulation of how their track sounds in a different environment. Here we offer a couple of amazing speaker gift suggestions that will transform how musicians listen to their music.

PreSonus Eris E5 BT

Designed for home recording, PreSonus’ Eris E5 BT monitors offer a smooth and even frequency response for consistent, accurate listening. Each speaker contains 50 watts of power without sacrificing tonal balance or sonic clarity. With Bluetooth technology for wireless input included, these Eris E5s are a remarkably versatile set of speakers for listeners and creators alike.



Elac Debut B5.2

ELAC B5.2 speakers

Elac Debut’s entry-level B5.2 speakers are brilliant performers for the money. With both the tweeter and bass drivers custom-designed by renowned audio expert Andrew Jones, their handy size makes them an ideal choice for small rooms. Light and compact, their top-end precision makes them more than capable of competing with some of the more established budget speaker brands.



Room Treatment

A lot of budding producers cannot afford to hire a studio and have to make do with recording in rooms that can corrupt what they hear from their speaker systems. Below, you’ll find some room treatment gifts that will allow musicians to treat their room acoustically to achieve greatly enhanced recordings and mixes.

GIK Acoustics Impression Series Acoustic Panels/Bass Traps

GIK Acoustics Impression Pro Series panels

Conventional acoustic panels certainly don’t appeal to everyone, which is why GIK Acoustics’ Impression Series will make a wonderful gift this Christmas for music producers in need of a little room treatment. Elegant and stylish, with 12 patterns to choose from, the semi-reflective rigid plates are attached to absorptive acoustic panels and bass traps that will offer a perfect fit for any audio room or studio that’s reverb-compromised.



sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X Portable Vocal Booth

Singers are often forced to record vocals in less-than-ideal environments, but help is on hand with sE Electronics’ Reflexion Filter X Portable Vocal Booth. Designed to turn any room into a vocal booth, the Reflexion Filter is a compact, portable acoustic absorber specifically designed to reduce the amount of room ambience picked up by a microphone during recording, making it an ideal music production gift for discerning recording artists working to a tight budget.



We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our ultimate gift guide for music producers in 2022. Each of our choices has been put under the microscope and we’ve strived to ensure these budget-friendly gifts are not only affordable but essential additions for the musician or producer in your life. Have a great holiday season and make someone else’s special too!

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