by Konstantin Grismann

Create unconventional melodies and harmonies with Hexcel for REAKTOR

Stimulate your creative juices with the free Harmonic Table-based sequencer for
REAKTOR and create complex, semi-random melodies with Hexcel.

The Harmonic Table note-layout offers advanced and new interesting ways for composing and songwriting, and is often considered more creatively liberating than the normal keyboard layout.

Longtime contributor and creator of amazing REAKTOR User Library ensembles, salamanderanagram has designed a digital version of the Harmonic Table note-layout called Hexcel. Self-described as a ‘hex-based MIDI generator’, Hexcel is a REAKTOR instrument that you can download for free via the ADSR homepage here.

Hexcel is a generative MIDI sequencer using a semi-random routing approach in combination with the Harmonic Table note-layout, thus making it a powerful, yet semi-easy to use melody and harmony generator, offering endless possibilities of creating complex sequenced melodies and chords.

Download Hexcel here.

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