by Native Instruments

Creative techniques: Now you can load KOMPLETE
plug-ins inside Reason 10

Watch the latest video from Propellerhead and
find out how to put this new flexibility to work.

In the latest in Propellerhead’s ‘Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet’ video series, you can find out how creativeness is furthered through employing different tools in the production process.

One highly effective creative technique is to force yourself to use different tools. This technique features in this excellent video from Propellerhead – Ryan Harlin leaves his comfort zone behind, and sets out to create a track in Reason 10 with completely new instruments: Using KOMPLETE SELECT exclusively.

Propellerhead made headlines last year, when they announced that Reason 10 supported VST instruments. KOMPLETE instruments and effects integrate beautifully, as demonstrated in the video.

Whatever your setup, this creative technique can be a great ‘track starter’ to get your ideas flowing.

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