by Ali Wong

Watch the very best of July’s videos
from the Creator Community

This month, get inspired with Sarah, The Illstrumentalist; Datsunn;
and more – featuring ARKHIS and CLOUD SUPPLY.

As summer rolls on, we’re bringing you the best new videos from our Creator Community. Check out the latest plug-ins and pick up some tips and tricks along the way. In July, it was all about CLOUD SUPPLY, a trap-focused addition to KONTAKT Play Series; ARKHIS, a new instrument for orchestral swells and ambience; INFINITE ESCAPE, our latest Expansion for micro-house; and COMMUNITY DRIVE, our charity sound pack for COVID-19. We love seeing how creative our Creators get with our latest sounds and instruments. Hope it inspires you too.

Knock Squared makes a beat in 10 mins with INFINITE ESCAPE 

Watch Knock Squared crack jokes, rap, and scat while he lays down a housey club joint with our brand new INFINITE ESCAPE Expansion. Rolling through a 10-minute beat challenge, the time pressure brings his ease with MASCHINE to the forefront. And hey, sometimes humming to yourself as you jam is the best way to come up with a melody.

Dacci Pucci nails 90s hip hop using LO-FI GLOW

Into 90s hip hop? See how Dacci Pucci combines custom samples with a piano and bass from LO-FI GLOW, plus heavy compression courtesy of our VC 160 to add that boom-bap weight to his drums. No laptop screens needed here – Pucci doesn’t look up from his MASCHINE once!

Robert Dudzic shows off the orchestral power of ARKHIS 

Sound designer Robert Dudzic returns this month to cover one of our newest instruments, ARKHIS by Orchestral Tools. With Dudzic’s cinematic sound in mind, we couldn’t think of a better host to take you through the dark, detuned, and moody sounds that ARKHIS is capable of. Using the built-in convolution reverb, Dudzic takes a few minutes to come up with what could be the pounding soundtrack to a blockbuster action sequence.

Jef Gibbons offers a first look into ARKHIS and INFINITE ESCAPE

Studio whiz Jef Gibbons combines ARKHIS with INFINITE ESCAPE in this video, showing you exactly what kind of glistening textures the former is capable of. Using ARKHIS’s ability to modulate between three sound layers, Gibbons is really tugging on our heartstrings with this one.

The Kit Complete gives his rundown of CLOUD SUPPLY

Check out CLOUD SUPPLY, the latest trap-focused addition to our KONTAKT Play Series, with your host, Kit Complete. The focus here is on the lightweight but feature-packed sequencer that can sequence your custom macro controls on its other tabs. A great tip comes in the form of the randomizer—a shortcut to instant creativity if today just isn’t the day for menu-diving and tweaking.

Sarah The Illstrumentalist demos the chill vibes of CLOUD SUPPLY

In the cutest video we’ve featured yet, Sarah unboxes a new toy, the Kordbot MIDI controller, with help from a 5-year-old producer in the making. The two give their opinions on the chord-writing controller, using sounds from from our latest plug-in, CLOUD SUPPLY. Get a demo of the kind of dreamy vibe supplied by our new trap instrument, played out with a cool new piece of hardware.

Datsunn gives a side-chain tutorial using sounds from COMMUNITY DRIVE

We love Datsunn for his beats and performance videos, but here he goes into tutorial mode. Watch the artist slice drum breaks and pads from our COMMUNITY DRIVE sound pack, offering big tips on how to side-chain drum breaks and simplify your workflow to save big CPU. Stay till the end for bonus footage of Datsunn skating and jamming on the beat outside.

Once upon a synth explores the eloquent sounds of STRADIVARI VIOLIN

As the culmination of several years planning, the amount of work that has gone into the new STRADIVARI VIOLIN is mind-boggling. It’s a real privilege to have access to the timbre of these legendary instruments as Creator Once Upon A Synth walks us through the multiple mic placements and 20 unique articulations.


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