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5 free piano libraries for Kontakt that will strike a chord in your music

free piano libraries for Kontakt

Having the right tools at your fingertips can transform your creative process, especially when it comes to finding the perfect piano sound. To celebrate National Piano Day on March 28, we’ve curated a list of five incredible Kontakt piano libraries that are available for free.

Each of the free piano Kontakt instruments below offers a unique sonic palette, ensuring that whether you’re crafting cinematic scores, laying down jazz tracks, or exploring new soundscapes in electronic music, you’ll find something that resonates with your style.

I’ve personally explored these libraries, and I’m excited to share the nuances and qualities that make each of them stand out. This isn’t just about finding a free piano VST – it’s about discovering the sounds that inspire you to create, without the barrier of a hefty price tag. So, let’s dive in and explore these free Kontakt piano libraries together!

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Bonus: We’re also celebrating Piano Day with a NEW piano library – Crosstalk Piano, an upright piano VST with unique creative layering and dynamic control. Discover a fresh approach to piano before you dive into free Kontakt piano libraries.

Are Kontakt instruments free?

When jumping into the world of Kontakt and its plethora of instruments, it’s important to distinguish between Kontakt itself and the Free Kontakt Player. Kontakt is a powerful sampler and virtual instrument engine, known for its flexibility and its ability to manipulate audio in sophisticated ways. It is the full version that grants access to the entire spectrum of features, including the ability to load third-party libraries not specifically licensed for the free version. This makes it a go-to choice for professional composers, producers, and sound designers.

On the flip side, the free Kontakt Player is, as the name suggests, a free version of Kontakt. It’s designed to play a selection of Kontakt instruments that are specifically licensed to be compatible. This means that not all libraries made for Kontakt can run on the free Kontakt Player – a distinction that’s crucial for beginners to understand. While it offers a gateway to high-quality sounds, including some free piano VST libraries, its capabilities are more limited compared to the full version of Kontakt.

We’ll explore the compatibility for each of the five free piano Kontakt libraries below, so you can make sure you have the right version of Kontakt before you download them. Now, let’s get our hands on some keys, shall we?

5 free piano libraries for Kontakt

1. Foundations Piano

In my latest exploration of free Kontakt instruments, there’s a real gem: the Foundations Piano by Heavyocity. This free piano Kontakt library is great not just because it’s free, but because of its high quality timbre and versatility. It seamlessly merges traditional piano tones with innovative processing, opening up a spectrum of sound from classical to contemporary. Whether you’re looking for a great orchestral VST to help craft cinematic scores, or you’re just piecing together music in your personal studio, this library lays down an impressive foundation (pun intended) for creative expression.

Foundations Piano by Heavyocity
Foundations Piano by Heavyocity

Foundations Piano is compatible with both the full version of Kontakt and the Free Kontakt Player, making it an incredibly accessible tool for any music producer. The library itself boasts an intuitive interface, providing easy manipulation over dynamics, effects, and microphone placements, which means you can customize each sound to perfectly match your project’s needs. Heavyocity’s dedication to quality shines through with every note, making the Foundations Piano an indispensable addition to any instrument collection.

Get Foundations Piano

2. The Love Piano

Another great free Kontakt piano is the The Love Piano from VSTBuzz. This beautifully sampled grand piano brings warmth and emotion right to your fingertips. What sets it apart is its focus on capturing the essence of a romantic, cinematic sound, making it perfect for composers who want to add a touch of gentle intimacy to their scores or projects. With its detailed sampling and the included soft pedal and release samples, this library offers a level of expressiveness that’s hard to find – especially from a free piano Kontakt instrument!

The Love Piano from VSTBuzz
The Love Piano from VSTBuzz

The Love Piano’s easy-to-use interface and tweakable settings allow for tons of personalization and flexibility, letting you shape the sound to perfectly match the mood you’re trying to convey in your music. Plus, it comes with 18 reverb options chosen specifically to create beautiful, lush sounds. This piano has become a go-to in my own toolkit for its unique character and the emotional weight it can bring to a piece, all without costing a dime.

Plus, since it’s fully compatible with the Free Kontakt Player as well as the full version of Kontakt, The Love Piano really is a fantastic free piano VST for anyone, no matter their budget.

Get The Love Piano

3. The 88E

Another great free piano VST is The 88E by Impact Soundworks. This free piano Kontakt instrument stands out with its “all-notes-played-at-once” sampling technique. Each note has been tuned to “E” which creates a massive and unified piano sound. This unique, upright piano library boasts 30 dynamic layers for rich expression, two distinct stereo mic positions for sonic clarity, and 29 sound design snapshots to experiment with.

The 88E by Impact Soundworks
The 88E by Impact Soundworks

The 88E interface is streamlined and modern, featuring super stacking options, tone shaping controls, and a microtuning engine. Compatible with both the Free Kontakt Player and the full version of Kontakt, this free piano Kontakt library offers accessibility to anyone looking for an interesting piano sound without a price tag.

Get The 88E

4. The Felt Seiler

The Felt Seiler Free Edition by Strezov Sampling is a free piano VST that is a meticulously sampled representation of a unique Seiler upright piano, with all its character and charm. With its felt-damped strings, it offers a soft, intimate, and cinematic sound, ideal for scoring, ambient music creation, or just adding a touch of delicacy to any project. The level of detail in the sampling really captures the essence of playing a real, felted piano, making it an invaluable addition to any producer’s toolkit.

The Felt Seiler by Strezov Sampling
The Felt Seiler by Strezov Sampling

From the subtle nuances of the hammer hits to the atmospheric resonance of the sustain pedal, every aspect of this instrument has been designed to inspire and enhance your musical creativity. Plus, since it’s fully compatible with the Free Kontakt Player (as well as the full version of Kontakt), it’s perfect for those seeking a piano library that goes beyond the ordinary. Offering a deeply emotional and nuanced sound, The Felt Seiler Free Edition is definitely a standout choice among free piano Kontakt libraries.

Get The Felt Seiler

5. Preparato Piano

The most unconventional free piano Kontakt library is the Preparato Piano by XPERIMENTA. This free Kontakt piano isn’t your typical piano library. With its focus on prepared piano techniques, it offers an assortment of interesting sounds that can elevate any composition to new heights. With it, you get access to a variety of effects and articulations that are typically not found in standard piano libraries, such as strings brushed with metal brushes, plucked strings, and the hauntingly beautiful sound of an e-bow resonance.

Preparato Piano by XPERIMENTA
Preparato Piano by XPERIMENTA

While this avant-garde library shines with its array of unique timbres, it’s worth noting that it’s not compatible with the Free Kontakt Player. However, the versatility and creative potential it offers make it a compelling addition to any composer’s toolkit – especially those looking to break free from traditional piano sounds. The Preparato Piano is a free piano VST that allows producers and composers to explore new soundscapes and textures. Whether you’re scoring a film or experimenting with new musical ideas, this library invites you to push the boundaries of what a piano can do.

Get Preparato Piano

Start using free piano libraries in your music

And there you have it, five of the best Kontakt piano free libraries available. Each one brings its own flavor to the table, from the intimate and expressive to the bold and experimental. Diving into these free piano Kontakt instruments can not only elevate your music but also expand your creative horizons without costing anything.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, I encourage you to download them, play around, and see how they can breathe new life into your compositions. And, if you are looking to invest in a more robust Kontakt piano library, feel free to check out this collection of professional acoustic pianos for Kontakt.

Remember, the right sound can turn a good track into something truly extraordinary, and with all these pianos at your fingertips, who knows what you’ll create next? Now, go get behind those ivories and really make them sing.

Happy Piano Day!

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