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How to use the MASCHINE Looper

Learn how to layer patterns and live loop with these video tutorials.

Guitars, producers, and vocalists can now layer patterns and live loop with MASCHINE. Watch our tutorial guides below, you can learn how to best use this feature to enhance your music making skills.

Looping modes

Learn how to live-loop with audio in MASCHINE as our resident expert Boris Megza shows you how with this walkthrough tutorial. Record layers of sounds, or capture different takes, with the different modes available, include the Take, Sound, and Pattern Modes.

How to loop guitars

Guitarists can employ a footswitch to help create record loops, and do hands-free looping. Watch as we show you the basics behind this functionality.

Looping for producers

Learn how to use Pattern mode to record your instrument into different, easily looping track ideas in MASCHINE.

Breaking down the setup

We break down Kimbra’s performance on MASCHINE, and detail how she uses different grouping and looping functions, with Note Repeat, to create her real-time, live song ‘Real Life’.

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