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Making Mixing Easier:
Meet iZotope’s Neutron 4

Introducing the latest mixing software innovation from iZotope, Neutron 4. Spend more time producing music, and less time fixing mix issues.

Our friends and partners in Soundwide, iZotope, just dropped a new release of the flagship mixing software, Neutron 4! This release is packed with new features aimed at helping you finish your mixes faster, and with more control over the sound you’re going for.

In this article, we wanted to share what’s got us excited about the latest mixing suite, and how you can try it out for yourself.

First of all…what is Neutron 4?

Neutron 4 is the latest version of iZotope’s flagship audio mixing software, Neutron, that’s designed to mix audio of any kind. Whether you’re an electronic producer, creating a hip-hop beat, or recording rock music, Neutron can help you quickly get your session sounding like a pro mixed it.

This version of Neutron 4 comes with eight built-in mixing plug-ins, including seven component modules, so you have everything you need to sculpt the sound that’s in your head—and do it all from one tool.

  • Unmask automatically detects and corrects frequency masking issues. Muddy sounding low end in a house track? Let Unmask separate that kick and bass for you.
  • Sculptor gets rid of resonance and adds excitement to tracks (check out the presets to get amazing sounding guitar, bass, piano, and more).
  • Compressor introduces the new Punch Mode, which lets you control and visualize how hard your sounds hit. It also includes intuitive sidechain metering to “see compression” as you dial in your settings.
  • Equalizer has the “EQ Learn” feature, which helps you quickly locate potentially problematic frequency areas such as harshness, resonance, and more.
  • Transient Shaper is built to add presence and snap to tracks. Want your hi-hats to sizzle—or reduce harsh hits? You’ve got your answer.
  • Exciter lets you color your sound, warming it up with textural saturation. And new in Neutron 4’s Exciter is the Trash Mode, which is using iZotope’s Trash distortion tech to add grit and growl.
  • Gate features an easy-to-understand way of removing audio bleed and unwanted noise from your music.

Finish Mixes Faster with Neutron 4

One of the coolest new features for producers in Neutron 4 is the Assistant View, which is a powerful and personalized “mixing assistant.” Powered by machine learning, the Assistant View starts listening as soon as you play audio, producing a reference starting point and taking you to an intelligent control center where you can use the Intent Controls to make big sonic improvements.

If you’ve found yourself wanting to spend more time creating, songwriting, arranging, and less time fixing tricky mix issues—this part of Neutron 4 could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Try out Neutron 4

Want to try out all the new features of Neutron 4? Head over to the Neutron 4 product page on  iZotope’s website and grab a free 10 day trial, or nab it while it’s on sale!

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