During the week-long hacking activities, there were workshops and lectures provided by a multitude of guests and innovators within the music community. Wouter Jaspers, the CEO and Founder of KOMA Elektronik lead a music tech talk, design activist Virginie Gailing introduced new ideas to the team about ergonomics, while the team behind Dadamachines came in to demonstrate their range of modular gadgets and instruments. Alongside the guest speakers, team leaders within Native Instrument lead sessions that looked into design thinking, modular synthesis, along with curated insights into user-centric thinking, and change management.


Bringing together diverse talents from all departments , the various teams worked towards the theme of connectivity, finding new ways to interact with our products and services. Some highlights from the Spring Hackdays included efforts to create new speaker systems, while other teams took to redesigning MASCHINE software in order to make it more accessible to all users. There were even some hardcore hardware redesigns which provoked new lines of thinking as to how our instruments could look in the near future. With innovations in our instruments having evolved from previous Hackday sessions, who knows what ideas will be incorporated into our future line of music products.

Watch the video below to see our wrap-up from Hackdays 2019.