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Top 5 essential MASSIVE tutorials

The fastest way to master MASSIVE? This video playlist

Well known for the ability to create basslines and strings, MASSIVE can also be used to make an entire track on its own. The following selected videos highlight some of the various features available, that will allow to create a multitude of sounds and effects, that will help you create your own unique style of music.

How to create an 808 bass

Having limitations can be very inspiring and, at times, a crucial aspect to being and staying creative. In this spirit, Point Blank Music School details how to create an 808 bassline using just one oscillator.

Here, the instructor goes point-by-point, detailing each change made and explaining how they affect the overall sound.  The explanation of how ADSR — or Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release — works in MASSIVE is also important for beginners and a great reminder for more advanced users.  Finally, the monorotate option in the voicing menu is something of a hidden gem, helping create that “round-robin” effect so each hit sounds slightly different.

How to create a big, lead synth sound

The tutorial from ADSR explains how to create a big, lead synth sound in a really short amount of time. In this video, the instructor builds a pretty basic synth sound; watch how he gently de-tunes the various oscillators and implement different waveforms to give the sound movement. Modulation also plays an important role in the shaping of this particular sound, especially when it comes to modulating the cut-off to the attack.

How to mimic hardware gear characteristics

This tutorial will show you how to mimic the characteristics of hardware gear. One of the main criticisms I hear most often about computer-based DAWs, synths and effects is that they sound too perfect or sterile. Throughout this video there are a number of ways that one can introduce various small imperfections, for example, pulse-width modulation using virtual analog oscillators, and ways to trigger random option-in conjunction with the oscillator so as to create a “round-robin” effect, as well as affecting noise and the shape of noise in relation to the LFO section.

In order to demonstrate what a specific effect or modulation does, this instructor uses extreme settings so you can really hear what is being done. It also goes into detail about creating custom randomization, and setting up a situation where the sound will continually evolve and change throughout the duration of itself.  You can also learn about the noise waveform on the first LFO, and combining it with other LFOs to give the sound yet more movement.

Video game sound design tutorial

This video game, sound design tutorial shows how to reshape and morph sounds once they are created initially.  The insert section of the synth is talked about in relation to the signal chain within the routing tab, while the instructor also goes into detail about the Dimension Expansion and Tele Tube effects.

Building snares and claps

This video explains how to layer mid-range claps and snares in trap music. The instructor starts by using several instances of MASSIVE, building the sounds from the initial patch without using external processing or third-party plugins. He uses two oscillators and bright-white noise together to create the midrange snare sound. On the second layer, the instructor goes into the insert Section and explains the Sample and Hold option on the first insert, as well as the bit-crusher effect on the second, sculpting the mids and highs. He also touches on the routing area, and talks about where and why an insert should be placed in a specific part of the signal chain. Finally, the performer mode comes into play showing how to be creative with drawing in the waveform and velocity.


MASSIVE was designed and developed entirely by Native Instruments GmbH. Solely the name Massive is a registered trademark of Massive Audio Inc, USA.

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